Feeling like God has abandoned me (31)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-06 21:25 ID:BhlD1lNY

Pretty much what the title says. I have been unemployed since last August. I am pretty sure my student loan deferment papers will not be approved.

Frankely I have been doing all I can recently I tried applying for SSI benefits and going to a services which provide help in the job search, even applied to a bunch of jobs within this week. But honestly I have been doing this for a while and am wondering if it is worth it.

Every place I have applied to has chosen someone else and frankely I don't think I have a future in anything. Personally I think it would be best if I didn't exist not suicide just I think my whole existance is a joke and me not being so wouldn't really affect anything. Tried praying but I feel like I am falling on deaf ears. I try to help myself but it's no good.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-07 00:28 ID:6hXjuGRQ

You're not the only one in the same situation. The only job I've gotten was a cheap 10 dollar per hour internship job that lasted from last november till march, then i was laid off.

Haven't found a job since. I do have a associates degree and the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications. Sigh... All my friends have jobs except me. I've been feeling like shit for awhile now, even my parents call me shit. My friends are all less qualified then me buy all got better computer jobs. Most don't even have a associates or any certifications.

It's not you, it's the economy. Probably also hookups and really good luck. Who knows, maybe god has something much bigger in planned for ya.

3 Name: Ryuuchi : 2009-06-07 00:30 ID:M117W53K

God has abandoned YOU?
OP, I think you are wrong there.

I haven't been employed for almost two years. I think God has abandoned ME. At least you are trying and for some reason I'm not.

Don't give up, OP. You'll do better...than me.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-10 08:48 ID:Heaven

Listen to some Ya Boy or UGK, and start hustlin' to make that money.
Keep your head up OP, it'll all work out in the end.

5 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-11 21:47 ID:B4hkBX5k

Keep your head up, OP.

I've been unemployed/stuck in shitty jobs/crappy education programs since I left school in 2002. 2006 was the year I found a steady job that I like to do, and I'm still working.

Don't give up hope and keep trying. You can only lose if you don't even try to win.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-12 23:20 ID:+tEDdErJ

never forget someone else -always- has it worse. just being in front of a computer on this board is proof you are better off than most people in this world. dont count on god to fix anything for you, and dont attribute your successes to him. feel free to blame him, but dont wait for an invisible man to help you out.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-13 22:52 ID:BhlD1lNY

Hello this is the OP. Well after doing some thinking perhaps God has not abandoned me. I don't I may change my thinking later because I am still trying to work out my loan deferments and I am not feeling positive about those. But honestly I might give the hwol prayer thing a chance since I do have resources and at least my family is not on my case with my lack of fidning a job. I'm actually trying to apply for SSI benefits and hopefully those wil go through since I technically have a disibility.

Now I still feel like I will never find a job no matter how hard I try or that my loan deferments will be resolved. Or if anything in my life will go well at this point. But I am just going to wait it out and do what I have been doing. Besides both my family and churhc friends have spoken agianst me doping anything drastic.

Thansk for the advice it has helped.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-15 20:32 ID:CbJf29wP

Bad news: There is no God taking care of your well-being

Good news: There are many people out there who care about your well-being. Treasure those people, and you'll be halfway there.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-05 07:28 ID:iMCxcaQ/

Haha, seems as though Im not the only one in this situation as I seem to think every second-minute of every day, I too starting to think that there's no god at all, everything I seem to do or try to achieve goes wrong, is it me or is it my luck?

10 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-06 15:16 ID:HgRKK8Qt


It's called life, sometimes it just doesn't work out for you.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-07 04:48 ID:4+nWEaOD

dude i have never been employed since '02 (Drugs suck) and i ve been living in a shitty apartment with my younger brother doing all the work.but still i look for all the good things that might happen like even though i will probably never be employed in something good i still try and make the best of every interview.so just try to keep happy or you can try those money making schemes i wouldnt but you could

12 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-09 20:16 ID:3A3rFfHw

God is there, even if you have bad luck and/or are too lazy to make something out of your life.

13 Name: Despair : 2009-07-25 14:51 ID:9NZHadtB

I've just sent in my job application this morning, I'm hoping that maybe I'll get the place, but I'm also aware that I might not, I'm not religeous in anyway, I believe that I control all aspects of me, my future is determined by how determined I am.

So set yourself a goal and work towards it. Do whatever is possible, If there's something that you can work towards you can see the progress, until you get results.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2009-07-25 18:07 ID:Bo7KLJIA

If you want results, praying to God won't help you. If something in your life happens for the better, it's because YOU made your life change; not God. Keep confidence in yourself, and good things will come your way. Giving up and relying on God is not going to change things. Rely on yourself, your friends, and your loved ones, and you'll make it through life happy. And when you do get a great job, you'll know it's because YOU perservered through the hard times, and it's you and everyone around you that you've got to thank for that.

15 Name: silver serpent : 2009-07-26 04:18 ID:HOHU4Igw

I'd rather have the "big guy" on my side (or at least the mindset anyways). God WILL answer prayers...the answer just isn't always "yes". Keep going-life is supposed to be hard. You'll make it through eventually.

16 Name: Shari : 2011-07-22 06:57 ID:YMmrjFGy

God has never said "Yes" to me! I have been out of work for over three years! and I have lost everything I ever had! So I have to think if God exists he just doesn't believe in me! And it's not just me, I am sure that people prayed during the Holocost, I am sure that the starving people in Somalia pray, and people who have children that are gravely ill pray. So either god doesn't hear are prayers, doesn't care at all or maybe it's all a fairy tale to make us feel better during our shitty little lives.

17 Name: Anonymous : 2011-09-28 15:50 ID:b8qW5ZMh

Prayer isn't magic, God isn't going to come to the rescue unless it must happen, I must tell you by personal experience that there is indeed a God, but that doesn't mean life is going to be the most beautiful thing always.

Head up, I too, have trouble finding a job, almost 5 months unemployed by now, and God knows I need a job.

18 Name: coondog : 2012-01-13 13:39 ID:ZlDUbL8/

Question,Do you go to church?Do you trie your best to live a God
fearing life,No porno,No drugs,No drinking tell your drunk,Do you Pray and thank him for the good things in your life?Or is it
Please God give me give me.Some times he teaches us how to be
humble so we can learn a lesson.My self I try to live by his word and I fight temptation every day,Like wanting to beat the shit out of punks at work.But that is the falling world we live in,And as long as you give a honest effort,God will aswer your prayers.He listens and he has a plan for you.

19 Name: Anonymous : 2012-01-13 17:24 ID:QDLfavjW

God helps those who help themselves, so why not cut the middleman?

20 Name: Anonymous : 2012-01-15 21:32 ID:jnvwGHGK


>No porno

I get the general gist of your post, but seriously. I'm not a fucking saint.

21 Name: Anonymous : 2012-01-16 08:22 ID:H96Q5IEQ

God cheats at cards.

22 Name: Anonymous : 2012-01-16 09:21 ID:YPyvWfI3

not really a religious person, but this might help you deal with the whole feeling of being forsaken


23 Name: He Lives : 2012-01-19 23:02 ID:U/lBHsaU

I'm a devout christian, I do not look at porno, drink, or consume any sort of drugs. I try to live a healthy life and thank my heavenly Father often for the things that I do have. I have been unemployed since november of 2009. I think the feelings of abandonment that come with the trials we face are real, and while those feelings are real, they are not necessarily reality. Not having a job is a traumatic experience. With any traumatic experience, looking at the situation from our own view tends to skew what is really happening and we can easily make our creator a target, especially if we our relationship with him is ambiguous.

I will admit that I have been tempted to think that it is my Heavenly Fathers fault, that perhaps He is trying to tell me something and is just not communicating clearly. Or perhaps that the employment drought in my life is a sign that there is no one looking out for me and my family.

The REALITY of this is far different from those jaded thoughts brought on by the adversity that our Heavenly Father lets experience to help us to grow. I think of the things I have learned by living lean, and have to appreciate that I never would have had the perspective or detachment from ego that I do now. I feel it is quite liberating. I know there are many other things that I can choose to learn from this experience, and hope to gain the knowledge this experience can offer that I might help others. I also pray fervently multiple times a day to become gainfully employed.

If you have questions about your Heavenly Father relationship with you, I know it can be tough, however I hope you will find peace in looking at the good that our Heavenly Father has granted you. Making a list of the good things in my life and expanding it every day is a practice that helps me, and helps me to see that he is active in my life.

I know our Heavenly Father is involved in the intricacies of our lives. He knows and loves each of us, of this I bear witness. Remember, reality is subjective, and what we make of it.

24 Name: Anonymous : 2012-01-20 23:03 ID:Heaven

there is no god. never has been, never will be.

25 Name: big d : 2012-01-26 12:42 ID:kUph1w5/

I'm done!....I work hard everyday there is no reward for this.....I don't have the will 2 fight anymore.....I am just gonna end it all....not depressed I final realized that ending my life will produce the same affect as doing nothing in the end......

26 Name: Anonymous : 2012-01-26 14:57 ID:QDLfavjW

>>25 no reward? What kind of reward do you have in mind? What are your expectations, and in which manner did you fall short of them?

Perhaps you need sit back and take stock of things, instead of working hard towards a dead end.

27 Name: Anonymous : 2012-03-05 14:35 ID:iM6sNdEO

Lost job, get no reward etc etc, grow up, at least you have your health.

28 Name: Anonymous : 2012-06-10 15:07 ID:3YFAhVQx

Why would God abandon you OP? He never does, but the devil may pick on you to make your faith tremble, have you forgotten? I did and I even blamed Him, not very nice of my part, because I was wrong, God never abandoned you, go back to faith.

29 Name: Anonymous : 2012-06-25 01:12 ID:v3j11gao

God is real, always looking after us even at bad circumstances.

Just do a pray in your room, put yourself in HIS hands.

The main problem is to get desperate, since many times we want things to solve fast. Sometimes it takes time.

30 Name: Anonymous : 2012-06-25 01:14 ID:v3j11gao

And also work steadily to get to your goal! But as I have said, things may take time but God is always taking care.

Peace and well!

31 Name: yuta : 2012-06-27 13:40 ID:PC8t9c0v

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