Social Problem. (4)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-15 16:03 ID:9ANnzzUo

Today, the classes have started again. I was out of school for the past year. I went early but when it was about time I refused to even peek the classroom. I started to become uneasy and when I strolled around I found myself wandering, trying to find a place where I can settle down quietly while walking head down trying to avoid anyone's eye. Then, I started to hyperventilate feeling my body tensing. By noon, I just decided to go home and there I felt the difference. I felt at ease and free inside the closed room where as I felt so restrained at school.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-15 20:29 ID:Z1yNX1ay

Here's my tip: find yourself a classmate to go to class with. You'll meet this person before entering school, and then you kind of stick to him/her during the day. After a few days your anxiety will lower, and you'll be able to fare by yourself.

Because you probably don't know anyone in your class, I suggest you discuss this with your parents, and with your headroom teacher. Informal talks with the teacher and other parents of your classmates may yield a volunteer to help you during this transition period.

I think that as long as everyone realizes this is transitory, there should be no problem. Good luck and let us know how you are doing. Don't allow yourself to fail another year because of this solvable problem.

3 Name: Ryuuchi : 2009-06-15 20:57 ID:4vjIxGIo

That kinda reminded me of how it happened to me in the first year of my high school, as a freshman. I recently moved in a new place the summer before 9th grade started and I didn't know anyone at all. I'm used to it since I've been moved in to new places for a few times. I always have trouble meeting new people and I felt like I didn't like meeting new people because it didn't matter to me and the fact that I have a feeling I'll be moving again in the next few years. Few a week, I was just walking around the campus and finding myself a place to settle down quietly. I found one but the teachers took it over after a few days. So I would just walk around, stay in the library for awhile, or mostly sitting in front of the classroom that will be next period class. Yeah, I always get the feeling of relief when I go home and then isolate myself in the bedroom.

All you need to do is to have a little social in you. I've got myself a friend within a week and because of him, I met a lot of other people to hang out. It was a great four years of high school but it was the high school days to remember by.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2009-06-17 14:47 ID:imYeJZ1n

Just keep going, you will get used to it, don't let it become something scary. If you feel yourself getting anxious practice deep breaths and relaxation techniques, think about puppies whatever works for you until it passes.

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