I wonder why? (3)

1 Name: Darkaura : 2009-08-08 21:57 ID:/IQsMi9X


I find this really weird, there are time when I think about going to Japan, I start getting short of breath and my heart starts beating faster. I don't really get that way about anything. I just need to know what it means.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-08-08 22:14 ID:W2DGDXuT

It means that you're in love with Japan.

But seriously, I don't know, but it shouldn't be that big of a problem.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2009-08-09 21:51 ID:Heaven

You already have a thread about your japanophilia and must have forgotten this fact. So I think these symptoms could easily be related to some kind of neurological disease.

See your doctor, tell him The Internet sent you.

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