I am having a hard time focusing at work. (6)

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-09-21 14:32 ID:Upg0Y57S

>Do you know what a pain it is to knock the shit out of someone on the first day of school who opens their god damn mouth to you? It was getting to be a real pain year after year. And the fuckers STILL picked on me and shit.

Been there, done that (once threw someone into the cactus garden, also I was hyper aggressive at the beginning of the year).

>Yes people want to be loved, but loving someone else makes a person at their most vulnerable, which is the one of the points the OP was trying to make.

Yep, love involves vulnerability, so you need some judgment about who to get involved with.

>I only now (at 35) am finally getting to where I trust other people, but they always will be at arms length.

Well, shows you are on the pathway to recovery. So your discourse does not make sense: you can't love or be loved by what you hate. Hating humanity is self-harmful, pointless and displaced.

>Plus, I WILL make sure my kids are not bullied in school either.

And how do you plan to achieve that? And does any of that apply to you? Should they also hate humanity?

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