Has anyone here ever beat depression? (31)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-06 12:26 ID:6qTYC1uI

I have been (what I think is) a maniac-depressive since I was probably 13 or 14 years old. Most of the time, I have down days but I do have up ones as well. I have tried the whole pill popping and seeing a therapist thing. None of it worked. I am an atheist so religion is not a legit way of solving this as a lot of people turn to it as the mental crutch they need.

I am also an alcoholic. At this point, I can control drinking for the most part, I am concerned about long term health and my family (I am married with kids).

Has anyone managed to pull out of being badly depressed and if so, how?

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-06 13:29 ID:Q3SfjAcS

Well, I've been depressed from as far back as age 10 or so. I had years and years of pills, doctors, mental hospitals and misdiagnosis'. Nothing helped at all. I'm 22 now and don't consider myself depressed any more. As for how I overcame it, I think time alone did it. I just grew sick of living with a shadow over my head. I stopped all my meds when I was about 17/18 and stopped going to doctors, and found myself much less depressed, eventually to the point where I wasn't at all.

I still get "depressed" from time to time, as I don't have any friends, though that doesn't bother me much. To be honest, what I think helped me the most was marijuana. I tried drinking but in the long run you just feel like crap mentally and physically. But with weed you have zero side effects and it helps you really helps take the edge off when I need it. I wouldn't suggest drinking. I had a father who drank no less than 10 beers a night, every night, for probably 20 years straight. It completely destroyed our family. Definitely not something you want when you have kids.

3 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-06 13:34 ID:3XMOTTS6

I did, but my depression was more due to life being constantly horrible to me as opposed to actual clinical depression. I dunno, I started smoking, so I started losing weight, so I got the confidence to get into relationships. I fell in love but I was still fairly depressed sometimes, though it wasn't as often as it was before. But I was still in love on my first mushroom trip, and the mushrooms just amplified all of the love and happiness in me. I had an incredibly intense trip, my emotions were incredibly strong, and the euphoria I felt beat anything I'd ever tried, including speed and opium. The trip ended so I went to sleep, but I woke up with an afterglow that's never gone away, and only get the rare one or two day bout of depression that is again more situational than chemical-imbalance related.

4 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-06 14:20 ID:m7tKCPUJ

depression is a condition that not unlike diabetes: you need to know and learn to manage it as a chronic disease. Although you can heal from acute depression crisis, once you had a bout of clinical depression there is a very high chance of relapse, so you have to learn to foresee and correctly tackle early signs of a relapse.

Treat depression as a true disease, a bit like cancer. You don't treat cancer with alcohol, so don't treat depression by drinking. Depression is one of the few psychological conditions that current medicine can control and treat. Although you may not like meds, they can be helpful at averting the worse in a relapse. So get some professional help when you feel things are getting out of control

5 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-06 18:54 ID:WDASSrAi

Weed is an antidepressant.

6 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-07 19:42 ID:K6RUQp73

I was on the brim of committing suicide, but then I had an epiphany. If I did kill myself, this fucking bitch I work with who I fucking HATE would go around saying shit trying to sound smart when shes not: "I saw it coming, I could tell he was depressed from the way he never talked or smiled and stuff like that on most days, maybe he was even bipolar since he did seem happy some days, I know this because I'm a psych major."

Then everyone would go "oh wow I wish I could have noticed that in him" and they would all be amazed at her "intelligence." She doesn't fucking know me, I never talk to her because she's a stupid bitch.

I read somewhere that as you become more and more intelligent, you become less and less happy as well (hence 'ignorance is bliss'). This is just my theory, but I think all depressed people are incredibly intelligent in a certain area. You probably know what that area is, fucking pursue it! I'm not not suicidal anymore because I've realized I'm a fucking great person in this cesspool of shit called Earth.

7 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-07 22:19 ID:B6pjJfUg

Are you sure you didn't see it on an episode of The Simpsons? Lisa points this out in one of them, and I believe it, dumb people are generally happier. Knowledge comes at a price. But as usual, it's all relative.

8 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-12 22:39 ID:Vs2PJSKZ

Forget the Simpsons, the "ignorance is bliss" concept has been around for ages. The phrase itself comes from a 1700s poem, and I'm sure the concept has been around much longer.

OP, I had depression. I can't say I "beat it" for good, although I fought off the worst of it with the help of meds. I'm no longer suicidal. But life is still a struggle. You have to constantly fight to change your worldview; constantly challenge yourself to look at things in a different (usually more positive) light. It takes work and practice to be able to perceive life in a fulfilling manner.

9 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-12 23:41 ID:7VjKDoS5

I've had major depression since around the time I hit puberty, the better part of my life.
Took pills that most often made me worse.
Tried a therapist but didn't have the ability to trust her at the time.
When working I throw myself into work as a way of occupying my mind with something other than my problems. It's not entirely healthy but it's much better than drug abuse or internet addiction.

I've mostly dealt with it (poorly) through isolation.
The isolation compounded my misery, but gave plenty of time to myself to figure out 'why' I have to feel this way... one of the worst things was not knowing 'why'.
Knowing gives me a foundation for recovery. But I really don't know if I'll ever make it out of this dark place.

Don't ever shut people out, seek people out. Find and keep understanding friends. Trust people, but trust the right people. Repair broken relationships, but know when to cut away when it's hurting you. That's the most important thing I've learned.

10 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-14 00:23 ID:kyf4S+qD

Not for everyone.

11 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-14 02:36 ID:fp3lsbdy

i started being depressed in the age of 15 till about 19, tried to suicide 2 times, its like the entire world turned agaisnt you, majority people would say that isolation helps beat depression, but sometimes i think it makes it a tad worst.

i play music, so whenever i feel down or depressed, i play piano, it helps me, to me its like talking to someone about why im depressed. so i would say that hobby helps cure depression, cos it makes you focus on your own stuff then all the depressed things surrounded around you.

12 Name: Joe68 : 2009-10-15 18:55 ID:5BhF1XbD

Well, I would say I beat depression, cause it beats me right back. I can say that I haven't had a major depressive episode in over 3 years.

For about 5 years in my life I was at a point where my life literally hung by a thread. I am bipolar and have gone through hell trying to "get better." I had attempted suicide many times, had been hospitalized 23 times, and had close to 70 ECT (Electro-Convulsive Therapy) treatments.

Like I said, I haven't had any major issues in the past 3 years. Depression sucks, I know it, I've lived it, I made it past the hardest part. I just don't want to end up back there again.


13 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-17 03:58 ID:37zAsLPy

I think leaving the whole chan culture was a big help, and leaving all the popular internet fora. The things you assholes do is depressing. Bringing people down, always being negative... in short, everything that defines the majority of chans (and, fwiw, most "hip" internet fora). I just came back today (and I occasionally stop by for a porn quicky) but other than that I have pretty much totally cut myself off from any chan. This one's not really a chan though, so it doesn't count.

Also, getting a god damn life. Stopping spending my whole day on the computer, and getting out and making friends and generally being (or trying to be) a decent, generous, diligent, and kind person.

14 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-21 15:00 ID:EoiutuhQ

Isolation beats depression? That's probably the worst advice I've heard ever. This is just me, but part of the reason I used to be depressed was because I was kind of shy and had trouble relating to people. Anyways, I learned how easy it really is to do small talk with people you don't know, and it really did make feel so much better to actually talk to people.

TALK TALK TALK. Make new friends, go places with them. Isolation is NOT the key to beating depression.

15 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-22 19:38 ID:awuvXhdD

Stop drinking, try new things. Try drugs, go to a gay bar, go on a trip, talk to strangers, it doesn't really matter what you do as long as you try new things. You can also remove activities from your life; stop watching television and see what happens for example. You can also improve your diet and/or exercise for an overall better psychology.

Remember, depression is just a state of mind; it's not things that are sad, but your IMPRESSION of things that is sad; in other words, life is colorless and you see in black. Try new things and think differently. Depression is possible to beat. Don't expect to be the same person once you've done that though, in fact, that's exactly what you're trying to avoid, being the same.

16 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-23 03:18 ID:i8MjIDeQ

17 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-25 23:23 ID:QnPcxB7k

Interesting article, although one should not jump to conclusions based on the findings of just two scientists.

Getting depressed about a problem generally does not help one solve it. Instead, one gets stuck in a rut and feels like there's nothing to be done. Cognitive behavioral therapy, a proven effective treatment for treatment, helps people out of depression by getting them to think about their problems in a positive, more reasonable way. If you feel like your problems are actually solvable, you're more likely to be able to solve them.

Perhaps depression is just one half of what needs to be done. Depression makes you ruminate on your problems, but you also need a positive outlook or you'll never get things solved.

18 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-25 23:24 ID:Heaven

> treatment for treatment

Should be treatment for depression. oops

19 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-28 04:24 ID:Heaven

I just don't think it's possible for me.
Every time I take a step forward I lose more ground behind me.
The brightest side of it all is I've become accustomed to the darkest places.
The worst fucking comfort blanket in the whole goddamn world.

20 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-28 16:54 ID:8sdMgcnW

The majority of the people on this message board are probably depressed because they're lonely. Go out and meet people, establish some positive and supportive relationships. If this is a challenge for you try attending your local AA meeting or other support group. Being in a support group is probably THE easiest way to meet people outside. Seriously, try it dudes.

21 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-29 06:34 ID:CrF7ZHPd

I'm trying to help by my limited experience, but I hope it helps. Until recently, I felt extremely depressed, but a change of scenery, some long-term goals, and finding good people helped me out of it. I may have my times, but for now I am free of it. I may have my problems, but it isn't anything that can't and isn't being corrected over time.

OP, you seem to be in a situation a friend of mine is in; married, kids, depression. Do you ask yourself, what life was all about? Are you happy? Are your children happy? Is your spouse a good person? A fair person? Is this the life you want? And what is this life business anyhow? You answer these for yourself, and decide if you need a change in routine or perspective.

I won't lie, of my friend, my mother, and a friend's father, they don't seem to feel they have an escape. I can't say I know how my mum has coped, but she's ready for making changes. The friend's father has presumably just given up on his life. My friend has younger children, and a loving house, I beleive, but it can be tense. For their sake, she says to smile and cope, of course (assuming you want them to grow up without feeling your issues pressed upon them). However, please, PLEASE, talk to someone. You are more than just a parent, don't forget that. And being a parent suppossedly has it's joys. Work towards a goal, is what I'd say. Be it anything non-destructive: emotional, spiritual, material, comfort. I got by, and if I regress, I WILL get by remembering that this day is not my life. Today is one of many, and I can change and make changes. If you feel there are no happy endings, are you giving up on what good things you could have? You are not too old for this if you are old, working towards a goal. Not having much social mobility for a time, I found it useful to daily find something tying to my goal, take a little step, and try to feel happy about it. The rest is between you and your brain. Gather what you can from my nonsense.

22 Name: Anonymous : 2009-10-29 14:16 ID:94o9ojp3

I beat depression, because I realized it wont matter when I'm dead. So, I might as well not waste my time being depressed and do something useful with myself, like get a hobby.

Just get something to distract yourself from your depression, do science or something.

23 Name: W-roar man : 2009-10-31 02:48 ID:wtjD6RQT

I think that a good way to beat depression is:
1)find something that emotionally (positively, no negative stuff) moves or moved you fairly
2)whenever you get down, try doing similar stuff.
for example, when I was really down I found that reading stuff (books, comic books, etc.) that displayed the same situations that I was in helped allot. Also, I found that a good work-out every two or three days helps to stimulate your mind and help get you more active.Finally, realize that you in your depressed state isn't who you are, that you're not a debbie-downer, but an interesting individual.
Sorr that I responded so much, but I feel the need since I find that I have had many situations like this and that I was able to overcome them.

24 Name: wowaname : 2009-11-03 03:45 ID:cgMizG7d

>>15? Drugs? Really?

25 Name: Anonymous : 2009-11-03 12:58 ID:Heaven

As long as you don't overdo them and take refuge in them, they can be a really interesting life experience.

26 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-19 21:51 ID:MDzrfmtn

I never really got over it but i have become much better lately. I've been depressed since i was about 11/12 and I’ve attempted suicide twice, once as a cry for help and once to actually end it all. I obviously failed but I’m sort of glad i did in a way. I didn't by any means wake up one day and say "hey, life is awesome i should stop being depressed and change my life around!". Nope, i just kind of accepted my depression. I'm sure the old me would have called me a bitch for "just taking it lying down" but that’s all there really is to it. Shrinks and pills can help you to a certain point but eventually you come to the realization that it’s better to be depressed and actually doing something proactive against it than to just wallow in self pity. What i do is whenever I'm having an especially bad day (believe me there are a lot of them) I just get up and go fix something around the house. I don't care what it is, i just fix it. Car not starting right? I go outside and troubleshoot it, sink dripping? I get out the monkey wrench. It may be considered by some as redirection of emotions or just plain avoidance, but by the end of it i haven't forgotten why i was so upset but somehow it feels more tolerable. I guess what i'm saying in so many words is that a hobby can help out tremendously. I haven't beat depression but i'm determined not to let a chemical imbalance fuck up my life anymore. good luck

27 Name: Darkaura : 2009-12-20 04:10 ID:TWDwN9JB

Lets see, I struggled, and still struggling with depression. I could blame it on my dad how he treated the family, but I won't. Honestly this is where I come when I'm depressed, and this is where I realise that there are people rooting for me. But I won't say that this is the only place I get relief from my depression. When ever I do get depressed I think of my nephew and nieces and the rest of my family who love me and realise that I have something to get me through the day. Like I said I still get depressed and there are times I let myself go through with it because honestly we need to feel the downs as well as the highs. My last suggestion, take it one day at a time if that doesn't help one hour at a time, heck if nessicary one minute at a time tell yourself I can get through this and you know what eventually you just know you can and even though the depression will still be there you will find it easier to get through.

28 Name: Alejandra : 2011-04-27 21:14 ID:mahuZlYn

Mhmm I am sure I've suffered with manic-depression since I have memory as well...........and it is very difficult because THERE IS NO REASON! I had reasons before but not no more and its juts hits me! theres days when I feel I got this and I am feeling better and I am thinking positive and I have defeated depression!!! and the next day or that same day in the afternoon BAM! I go down again. I am tired of this and I have tried everything I've heard this will never go away I just have to learn how to live with this. Its been 18 years and I am already tired. Any one with manic-depression that have learned how to control? or anyone who has gotten better?

29 Name: Anonymous : 2011-04-28 04:34 ID:DCtXEwwa

Dude, I totally get you. Save for the alcoholism, which I'm probably going towards, you sound about the same as I am. I know it sounds stupid, but even the smallest amount of excercise can give you a little bit of happiness for at least a little while. You may also have just a touch of Aspergers. It's not enough to make you amazingly different, but it can make you feel like an outsider sometimes, and can come with depression and very pessimistic (sorry for the spelling) mind set. I know that "happy pills" may seem stupid, but you're depression could just be chemical, and nothing more. There is nothing you could do except take medicine to fix it. It's like to insulin if you're a diabetic...it's giving you something that you have trouble producing naturally. In your case, that's dopamine. The next time you see your doctor, ask him about it.

30 Name: Anonymous : 2011-05-01 22:31 ID:SS0sRwzE

I thought I had it beat a few years ago. But then I turned psychotic. Now I'm seriously suicidal. It's like I've been slowly dying for the past 15 years.

31 Name: Anonymous : 2011-05-03 02:43 ID:DCtXEwwa

Dude...I know this sounds kind of queer, but I've been cutting myself in seriously weak attempts to kill myself. You and I are both rational people. We both know that these feeling are all just superficial in the scheme of things, but still they cling to us like an evil parasite, sucking the joy out of everything we do. You and I both need help, and, as hard as it sounds, we've got to do this by yourself. If you're anything like me, you may be thinking that everyone hates you, the world would be better off without you, and that no one will miss you if you were gone. ALL OF THIS IS THE DEPRESSION. Please, PLEASE consult a doctor...I've got to do that as well. Email me dude...brianparshall94@aol.com. I you needd anything, or just need someone to talk to, I've got you. Psychiatrists won't help, and I'm afraid to talk to anyone I know, because I might just end up pushing them away. Talk to me, if you want. It will be strictly confidential, I promise you. You can't continue down this path of destruction when you have people depending on you. Please talk to someone...if not me, someone you can really trust. I honestly and truly feel you dude, and I hope I can do something to help.

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