[Depression?] Feeling down (5)

1 Name: 1st : 2009-11-03 18:14 ID:SM2PTL3M

I bet most of you are tired of these kind of stories, but since I'm tired of not being able to take it off my chest, here goes...

I broke up with my girlfriend about three months ago, and since then I've been feeling like shit most of the time. Probably because once we separated, I noticed that I had only one close friend (besides her, and we've been pretty distant from each other, even before breaking up), and that added to the initial loneliness of breaking up made me feel absolutely sad.
Feeling like shit also includes me getting really angry about small stuff I didn't even notice before. I don't explode and start yelling at the people that made me mad, which could be good, instead of just keeping it to myself, expanding my self-made hell.
To top it off, I've talked about that with this ex-girlfriend, who's also one of my best friends, trying to get it off my chest. The worst problem is that she cares a lot about her friends, me included, and she tries to solve their problems, but suffers if she isn't able to help them! So, instead of feeling better, I just started torturing another person, and guess who? The one I most care about!
I know time is the best cure for almost everything, but until I feel actually better, she will suffer just as well! Please, someone say anything about this, I'm way too tired of feeling alone.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-11-03 18:32 ID:BML/Cd9R

Somebody needs a hug. (>^_^)>

3 Name: Anonymous : 2009-11-03 22:22 ID:n3hcc7Bt

Yep, sounds like you're a serious energy drainer, at the moment.

Why don't you actually rebuild your social network? What are your interests? What kind of people would you like to know, and to do what with them? Take the time to dream a bit.

Oh yeah, here's also a hug: (>^3^)>

4 Name: 1st : 2009-11-03 23:42 ID:D3Mfspka

Thanks for the hugs, people <(o.o<) How I wish my problem could only be solved with that, but, well...

It's not really easy to rebuild a social network, when you're at the end of the last year of school, and needs to study for the exams to join an university...

I started playing table tennis, and got kinda obsessed with it... Maybe because it's fun or just a metaphor of how much I want to get rid of problems, but they keep on coming back at me? (but that's too insane to believe). Probably I just like to hit a ball around with a racket. I'm lying, lemme rephrase that. Probably I just like to hit a ball to the very corner of a table as fast as possible with a racket.

Too bad that the people that play at my school are a bunch of F***in competitive kiddos, that can't stand losing, or have to rub on your face that they won. I tried to teach them some maturity, but looks like it didn't work very well...

I made myself think that the best place I can make friends is the university, which is filled with interesting people, but it takes a couple of months (and tons of studying) to start. So I'll have to wait by now.

What do you mean by "serious energy drainer"?

5 Name: Anonymous : 2009-11-04 06:58 ID:iTgJ/m23

You'll be alright man I'm in a similar situation girl broke up with me three months ago, alone besides one or two friends and depressed. But you'll be ok at least thats what I keep telling myself. You should be at least a little proud of yourself when things like this happen to me I become really introverted to the point of wandering around late at night just so I can feel alone because seeing positive emotions and other people having fun is too much for me, it makes me jealous and angry. So I can definitly relate. I crave loneliness even if it hurts its better than the pain of constantly being reminded I'm alone by other people. I wouldn't worry too much about your ex trying to help she doesn't have to but she tries to help anyway sure maybe you shouldn't have told her but its her choice to try and help and its not your fault. Also 3 is right develop your interests a bit do things you like it will make you feel better and you can meet new people.

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