29 and never had a girlfriend. (3)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-10 19:22 ID:Io+7QAGz

I was homeschooled from the age of 13, and therefore never had the chance to interact with the opposite sex and after living a psuedo-hikki lifestyle at home only entered college a few years back.

At 29, my years in school so far have been rewarding and I am satisfied with my life. However, I'm haunted by the possibility that I may regret having missed out on this element of life when my own life has run its course. My complete inexperience with women lead me to the conclusion that i should not even bother.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2009-12-11 06:48 ID:/O46iLbw

I can't say it'll be easy... but you have no other reason to expect failure besides your inexperience, right? You come off as healthy and intelligent with a bright future, which is probably more than most unattached men your age. If you put the work into it, it will happen, with patience. But if you resign yourself to failure, failure is what you get.

(Although you should still be prepared to be shot down, because every man gets rejected regardless of how good he is with women. Even that guy who causes all the girls to swoon when he walks by? Yes, some girl out there will turn him down just because she can. Try not to take it personally.)

You could take it slow and start off just by approaching women with no intention besides friendship (and don't expect anything else). In this way there's minimal intimidation and a safe environment for you to learn women are not normally thrilled to talk about Battlestar Galactica or what have you.

When it comes time to approach one, remember to:

  1. Relax. So as not to appear desperate or pushy.
  2. Not get hung up on any particular female.

Pretty basic but that's pretty much all I've got for you. You can do it!

3 Name: marucita : 2009-12-12 00:05 ID:JHy6jAwt

Just don´t look at it as a problem and don´t get desperate about that :) Dating the first you meet would the the worse thing to do. You could start trying to interact with girls,but always accepting it takes time to build relationships and so.
Good luck :)

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