Now he's all Butthurt (2)

1 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-04 10:24 ID:qZ42miA4

so, recently one of my best friends and I have grown apart. We used to chill a lot because we both went to the same College, but now he's not going to school.

Since he and my other friend I hung out with a lot dont go to school I found a new crew to hang out with. For a while, Z (the butthurt friend) didnt really like hanging out with them because they are all white and he's the only asian. he hates being the odd man out. Now he's starting to get all pissy saying I never invite him to hang out anymore, why dont I call him to chill, etc, etc, etc.
He says all this, yet he never calls me to hang out, and he's getting all butthurt. I honestly dont think that I am being bad friend. I mean, sure I feel a bit bad not calling him to hang out anymore, but it's because I'm never doing anything that he would enjoy, so I never think to invite him.

so, I'll leave it in your hands. Am I being a bad friend? or is he just being a bitch.

2 Name: Anonymous : 2010-12-04 21:53 ID:Wv7Z8hAq

Bad or good is pretty subjective.
But you surely could try doing something with the so called butthurt friend once in a while you know? Maybe just call for a chat or anything like that, going to the pub or whatever Z (and you, obviously) can enjoy. It won't kill you if you take like one day a month or two to spend some time with a friend right?

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