U.S. Stages Elections in Iraq -- Results Pose New Problems and Dangers (12)

2 Name: Citizen 2006-01-04 23:03 ID:eq1GqpDk

Where in the Hell do you get your exaggerated information from? Obviously many of the topics surrounding the war that you have brought up are true, but the fact is that it is war. (Not to justify our invasion of Iraq)But pulling out dose not solve any of the problems facing the region right now; and not to say that Bush was right for going into Iraq(which indeed he isn’t)but what we need now is not to slander the US army(because they are doing a good job at what they where trained to do whether or not the war was just!)But instead we need to be looking for solutions to end the war. At this point in time the Iraqi government is not in a position where it could control the country without the support of the US military, but these elections are the first step to a legitimate government in Iraq.

the unfortunate thing about this whole thing is that so many people have died for the absolute desperate need of oil by the US, and as long as oil is plentiful in Iraq, the US will never pull out of the region

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