On the Verge of a Break down. (5)

1 Name: Loki : 2006-04-05 04:16 ID:UTvdj2YC

I have been watching lately about this whole amnesty/criminalizing for Illegal Immagrants. Now, Personally, I agree with the Criminalization. These estimated Twelve Million Illegal Immagrants have broken the laws, and refused to go through the proper channels to become a citizen of America. Yet part of congress wishes to pass a law forgetting the fact that these people broke the law, and allow them to just become legal citizens. The other part of Congress feels that these People have committed a crime, and are criminals for that fact. I fear we are on the verge of a break down for the fact of the torn support. Protests are growing over the wish to Criminalize these, Including several American Schools removing the American Flag from their campus, and raising the Mexican Flag instead. Other schools have Banned students and teachers from displaying any flags. Which has resulted in even more anger.

2 Name: Citizen : 2006-04-05 04:34 ID:Heaven

Try Using a Subject line that Makes Sense instead of Random Words. Also do Not type like This.

3 Name: Citizen : 2006-04-05 13:07 ID:Heaven

One of the surest signs of a kook is That He types like This.

PS: >>1 is at Stage 1: http://faculty.plts.edu/gpence/html/kohlberg.htm

4 Name: Citizen : 2006-04-07 19:08 ID:CcGbI+Kb

I have long been of the opinion that we need to put landmines all along the border of US/Mexico. We also need guard towers to shoot any of these god awful intruders. We also need to leave their carcasses to rot and leather in the sun as a warning to all of these involuntary "amigos" of ours.

The reason we don't do this to Canada is because for the most part they stay in their own goddamned country and at least hold down a regular job there.

If they want to come over legally then they need to do it LEGALLY. You know, fingerprints, citizenship test, background check, and learning some fucking English.

This is not hard, people.

5 Name: Citizen : 2006-04-10 11:47 ID:Heaven

> This is not hard, people.




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