1 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-09 04:08 ID:TLH+NsfQ

Need to start hating China and the US Government Faculty. Think about it.

  • China banished and separated Hmong people into 75 fucking different groups.
  • The US started Nam, used us a tool in their Military, manipulated the youth into ghetto-ebonics speaking dumbasses and now are calling us terrorists.

I fucking hate you China. Fuck you. I would have had a country if you didn't fuck with us. Even worse, I fucking hate Hmong people for thinking that Laos, the most stagnant jungle pond in Southeast Asia, is fucking home, and that Vang Pao's action to be Rambo is right. What a fucking joke.

2 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-09 04:12 ID:cX4ElHjm

Someone's an angry teenager with a problem. I don't think you're thinking rationally here.

3 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-09 04:31 ID:TLH+NsfQ


Actually, it's infuriating that a group of people suffering years and years are acting stupid.

4 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-09 04:34 ID:cX4ElHjm


How have they been suffering years and years? This guy is just an angry nationalist.

5 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-09 16:39 ID:18lpNcfX

Chinese supremacy ftw!
Fucking get over it.
You're a bunch of minority hilltribe SOB's who should have done us all a favor and assimilated with everyone else.
The Chinese here didn't go and move to this country and refuse to learn the language and customs and intermarry with the locals. No, my grandfather came here and adopted a Thai name, went through the long and tedious process of getting nationality, learned the language, and actually did something with his life.
Quit your bitching and remember: if you don't give a fuck about your nationality no one else will.

6 Name: Hannibal Barca : 2007-08-10 04:07 ID:Heaven


I'm afraid your nation has been destroyed. Join the club.

There's a long dark hall down here of dead kings, dead tribes, dead languages, and dead nations. Forgotten and covered in dust.


Then again, you're still here aren't you? That must mean your nation isn't quite dead yet. Give it time.

7 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-12 17:22 ID:YPRhnVKs


Hey, at least I didn't kill people because I didn't follow some lame ass government cultist system. I'm glad I'm not part of a society that thinks that selling children, being white supremest and materialism is OK. Oh, wait, I AM. Fuckers.


Unless you consider dumbasses speaking ebonics and wielding guns for no reason and brainless polo wearing dipshits as culture, I think it's dying. Even the old people are as stupid to take back some fucking rotting puddle of jungle and ass from the Commie Extremists. That's not our home, that's fucking West China, mountainous, lush, and desert China, free from the billions residing in cities. You see where that trial with Vang Pao is going? I hope he's guilty. Guilty for idiocy.

8 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-21 06:04 ID:Ol4mXMtS

I don't even know what Hmong is...

9 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-21 11:46 ID:LYz25UKx

10 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-21 16:48 ID:Heaven

sage for chinese fascism under the veil of communism

11 Name: Citizen : 2007-08-26 05:27 ID:1r7qTS2p


Just Defended for anti fag 4-ch.

12 Name: Soulcollector : 2007-09-07 07:21 ID:cR2cGoGi

Go to hell fagboy. Fascism is the light in the darkness,hope of all living creatures. To even suggest that the red agents of china are fascist is an insult to the fuhrer,may he rest in peace. Sieg Heil!
ANyone who disagrees that white ppl are the greatest race ever are just jewish.

13 Name: Soulcollector : 2007-09-09 23:01 ID:Heaven

Well, is anyone going to take my troll? I stayed up all night coming up with "fagboy" and inserting random typos.

14 Name: Citizen : 2007-09-10 03:49 ID:Heaven

are you the guy who posts sieg heil! on 2ch Chat-in-English threads?

You need a better catch phrase and some theme song whenever you make an entrance, maybe a cute little Nazi ascii mascot to go with it too. Then people will post, I'm sure.

15 Name: Citizen : 2007-12-19 10:27 ID:2rjIkFay

Cmon nobody takes neo Nazi shit seriously you should start "Allah will burn you all,peace be upon Moohamed!" posts that oughta piss people off.

16 Name: Citizen : 2008-01-30 03:43 ID:Heaven


You know theres white Jews?

Though I assume you were just joking around.

17 Name: Bopper : 2008-04-25 03:01 ID:2rECTXHt

I hate you China. You think that the backwater swamps of the west is for us? Think again! Bwhaaaa! We are the people of the 70 tribes that won day soon will unite and ride with victorious horses with shafts into your neighborhoods and plow your outer villages. We hate Chinese, Ding Xiao Ping. He offered swollen rhetoric, and his bolts and nuts approach was the shaft in his mind. When he was 50 year old it tooh him 12 hours to suc an angry man crazy!

18 Name: Ho Chi Minh & Josef Stalin : 2008-04-25 20:14 ID:f2Mgv6M0

>>The US started Nam


19 Name: Citizen : 2008-04-26 05:19 ID:xsA8eae0

You say that as though communism is a good thing.

20 Name: BooBoo : 2008-04-29 00:45 ID:yHVEZOib

Wow...lots of anger here. Look guys, what's done is done. Talk about it all you want but that's not going to change anything. If it makes you so angry go out there and do something about it. Yes I am Hmong but I don't hate the vietnamese or the chinese for pushing around my ancestors. It's not like all of them took part in it. Tons of hmong teens now a days can barely speak hmong or even comprehend it so yeah I do believe that one day the Hmong race will die out but not because of anyone else but because of the carelessness of the newer generations. It's sad because heck I love being hmong and I would love for it to live on forever but that's not going to happen because of the actions that we make. It is sad how our ancestors were treated and that there are still thousands of hmong in the laos jungles being hunted like animals but like I said talking about it isnt going to do much. Don't worry about life, no one makes it out alive.

21 Name: hater : 2008-06-03 01:29 ID:4KbnThWS

why be jealous of the hmong people who ever did this pages must bee a low life..ahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahha

22 Name: Citizen : 2008-06-04 01:12 ID:hltG4tpc

             ( ゚Д゚) 〜 I FARTED!
            ⊂  つ
             (つ ノ
     \      ☆
             |     ☆
          (⌒ ⌒ヽ   /
    \  (`⌒  ⌒  ⌒ヾ   /
      ('⌒ ; ⌒   ::⌒  )
     (`     )     ::: ) /
  ☆─ (`⌒;:    ::⌒`) :;  )
     (⌒::   ::     ::⌒ )
    / (    ゝ  ヾ 丶  ソ ─

23 Name: Citizen : 2008-06-15 20:25 ID:5ofi+wEs

STOP THE NONSENSE RACIST WORDS YOU MONKEYS!!!!! Whatever who you are, started to think like the real HUMAN!

24 Name: Citizen : 2008-06-16 15:41 ID:f2Mgv6M0

how do i wrote Engrish

25 Name: witey power : 2008-09-12 00:44 ID:qpcF5Ogr

hey no undastnad... you knowing what i saying guyy? ching chang chong. hmong people will take over the USA withing 20 years. vote vang pao for govenator.

26 Name: Citizen : 2008-09-12 08:14 ID:XqfH1O6U

lol China

27 Name: mike : 2008-10-17 04:52 ID:dInCavnQ

hmongs stink and they should be our slaves. fuck all hmongs

28 Name: mike is gay : 2008-12-03 02:49 ID:XwTgR5i0

too bad you gonna have to live in hell th rest of your life. fucking dumbass.

29 Name: Citizen : 2008-12-05 20:33 ID:Heaven


30 Name: I hate hmong haters : 2009-02-13 22:38 ID:AejOaZDW

Gosh wat a dumb hater...Hating on your own kind

31 Name: Citizen : 2009-02-14 07:01 ID:Heaven

How do you even pronounce "hmong"? And what is it anyway?

Oh wait, I don't care.

32 Name: Mr. H : 2009-06-08 22:27 ID:WQH5dsgi

White skin , Yellow skin , Brown skin , Black skin, Red skin.... i don't gave a damn. GOD is your father. We're all brother and sister, let's join hand.

33 Name: Citizen : 2009-06-09 00:50 ID:768chcsH

I can't tell the difference between a Hmong and a Chinaman, you'd best start getting along so you can concentrate on your manufacturing or we'll take our money and technology to India instead. The freight will be a tad more expensive but at least they have the sense to learn a real language.

34 Name: Citizen : 2009-06-10 15:54 ID:MJGTPx2f

Another one who needs an ethnic identity... forget about nations and think of people instead.

35 Name: Citizen : 2009-06-27 16:11 ID:PILkclb9


Jews aren't white. They are like Slavs. Niggers in disguise.


No one cares about the Hmong people. Shittiest race on the face of this earth. And they smell bad.

36 Name: Citizen : 2009-07-08 23:08 ID:+VDOm3fG

Everyone I know pronounces it as "mung"

But then again you don't care...

37 Name: Owner : 2009-09-19 14:24 ID:yR+pKw84

Hmongs are simply Cockroaches tghat walk upright. They cheat the system, Rape the Woods and Smell up the whole USA.

38 Name: Citizen : 2009-11-05 18:24 ID:Heaven

lol racism.

39 Name: unknown : 2010-02-17 01:44 ID:a4nPwymM

Why are there so much hate against the Hmong. We are people too. We are not a simple cockroaches that just walk right up. we have history. We are not the only race that stick the earth. Every race stick up this whole fucking earth. Stop hating on the Hmong, because we are fucking people like ya. HATERS!!

40 Name: Citizen : 2010-02-17 16:02 ID:xgTC5mFk

Tons of Hmong people in my city in the American Midwest.

They helped us in Vietnam. Unlike the Beaners they've actually done something to earn a place here. Unlike the beaners they're quiet, hardworking, and don't commit tons of crimes.

41 Name: Citizen : 2010-02-18 22:45 ID:/Ejkqqjh


42 Name: gay people : 2010-02-22 23:10 ID:DIXCgZzE

well lets just say that without General Vang Pao....all of us (hmong People) would be framing an eating shit. So dont fuck around with HMONG!!

43 Name: wtfasshoe : 2010-08-30 14:19 ID:wC6b/zaD

why is this fool tripin about.. hmong people? hmmm.. there are good, bad, dumbass, gay, lesbo, pimp, player, hater, gold digger, shit eater, poor, rich, and fucker, hmong people out there. so hmong dont have a country and stop clamming "Laos" and "China" of part of hmong. get ur facts stright? do ur reseach? i did my part and found my answers. peace foos

44 Name: Citizen : 2010-08-31 14:06 ID:FbrDAJn2

No one gave two fucks about the Hmong people until that shitty Clint Eastwood movie came out about a fucking car he never drove yet he kept washing.

45 Name: Who cares what you think : 2010-09-03 22:59 ID:AfCzOlO1

Hmong people are awesome, except when they cut me off in traffic.

46 Name: Citizen : 2010-09-11 16:39 ID:Heaven

I still get hard thinking of the girl that got raped getting raped.

47 Name: HmongHero : 2010-11-03 07:47 ID:QiWY6oNM

So what happened to the white devils who fuck themselves over and do nothing but point and blame other people? Aren't they the world's enemy?

48 Name: Citizen : 2010-11-24 23:07 ID:iggE6qGj

Oh, people will never listen to even a single word from you if you keep fucking them here, lol.

49 Name: Citizen : 2011-02-21 09:47 ID:KtYAupZD

Well, their crime is also their punishment, and every race has it's share.

50 Name: ... : 2011-08-12 05:26 ID:ey14FGsr

hmongs are a pestilence upon the earth they are useless ebonic speaking fools that should all be eradicated

51 Post deleted.

52 Post deleted.

53 Name: sage : 2011-12-28 09:40 ID:viJtiUx7

I did some research in my local Internet (french) for threads about Hmong people after reading this one.
France host 25.000 Hmongs, and all I can find are incredibly butthurt threads about how french Hmongs only unite to do parties, or don't care about the genocide.
Interesting to see how throughout continents, the mindset of a tribe seem to be the same. (In that case, that of a disappearing tribe with unconcerned youth).

54 Name: tegnri_gim : 2012-01-14 23:14 ID:hlXAHPVQ

Hmongs are little brown smurfs.

55 Name: tengri_gim : 2012-01-14 23:51 ID:hlXAHPVQ

Hmong people:

Stop watching korean dramas
Stop watching colors and boyz in the hood
Stop watching anime
Enroll yourself in an asian studys course

Dont open your mouth unless you can justify breaking the silence

56 Name: undefine : 2012-02-11 14:07 ID:ofB40bVF

hey fuck all ya that hate hmong people, you haters dont even know so dont open your cocksuckers and talk shit

57 Name: undefine : 2012-02-11 14:07 ID:ofB40bVF

hey fuck all ya that hate hmong people, you haters dont even know so dont open your cocksuckers and talk shit

58 Name: tengri_gim : 2012-03-17 00:20 ID:hlXAHPVQ

"The Miao believe their ancestral ruler was Si Yao, who was defeated by the first Emperor Huangdi (221-210 BCE) when China was initially unified"

59 Name: Citizen : 2012-05-04 00:28 ID:b9cp6OTo

It's hard not to absolutely hate homing people, especially when everyone of them you've ever met has been a stinky, meth smoking, petty crime committing , pieces of absolute shit. The very least the could do is learn to speak our language, take showers , and act like decent human beings.

60 Name: Citizen : 2012-05-04 09:59 ID:PiaE5GkM

I hate homing people too, they always seem to know where you are.

61 Post deleted.

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