[Japan] Confrontation between Jimintou and Minsyutou (650)

103 Name: Kyoumo Unko!bKaGbR8Ka. : 2009-01-12 16:24 ID:Y/ZZ/xej

(`・ω・´) Yoshimi Watanabe shall be kicked out
      from Jimintou Party today.

     lミ{   ニ == 二   lミ|    
.     {ミ| , =、、 ,.=-、 ljハ   If 17 men follows him,
     {t! ィ・=  r・=,  !3l  Jimintou party shall be dead!
      `!、 , イ_ _ヘ    l‐'  Because opposition parties
       Y { r=、__ ` j ハ─   have majority in the upper
  r‐、 /)へ、`ニニ´ .イ /ヽ    house!
  } i/ //) `ー‐´‐rく  |ヽ   
  l / / /〉、_\_ト、」ヽ!

     麻生大兄 (Big Brother Chicken Aso)


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