[Japan] Confrontation between Jimintou and Minsyutou (650)

124 Name: Kyoumo Unko!bKaGbR8Ka. : 2009-02-04 15:06 ID:4hYUK9f5

National Postal Service Company(日本郵政) has many hotels.
Their name is Kampo no Yado(かんぽの宿 簡保の宿). They are
going to sell to Miyauchi. Miyauchi bought one of them for
10,000 Yen through his tunnel company. And sold it for
60,000,000 Yen.

Miyauchi is a famous follower of Junichiro Koizumi. He
supported Koizumi and Heizo Takenaka.

Minsyutou Party has a campaign to fall the government with
this handle.

We suppose Miyauchi is a wicked.

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