[Japan] Confrontation between Jimintou and Minsyutou (650)

145 Name: Kyoumo Unko!bKaGbR8Ka. : 2009-02-18 15:15 ID:LgOB4HBP

(´・ω・`) Shouichi Nakagawa run away from you by the way
      Mori and Koizumi had directed???

      Yuko Obuchi is in pregnant now. She made love
      at the end of last year. Many of them kill
      themselves at that time.

      You are alone, aren't you?


     lミ{   ニ == 二   lミ|   
.     {ミ| , =、、 ,.=-、 ljハ  Never am I rely on Nakagawa!
     {t! ィ・=  r・=,  !3l   Never!!
      `!、 , イ_ _ヘ    l‐'   
       Y { r=、__ ` j ハ─    They say I'm a marionette
  r‐、 /)へ、`ニニ´ .イ /ヽ     of Suga Kun (Yoshihide Suga).
  } i/ //) `ー‐´‐rく  |ヽ   He is my favorite.
  l / / /〉、_\_ト、」ヽ!       
  /|   ' /)   | \ | \

     麻生大兄 (Big Brother Chicken Aso)

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