Surrogate mother lost Uterus for JP celebrity twins (1)

1 Name: Citizen : 2012-07-24 10:29 ID:9FDrLeKN

i was very shock to hear this news.
had not get detail but it mentions forth srrogate mother to give birth TV show.
They risk life of babies and surrogate mother, just for TV show?
Hey TV crew coming, cannot wait give birth now!
if it's true really sorry for Cindy.
November 2003, Actress Aki, Mukai and wrestler Nobu, Takada went Nevada to ask surrogate mother Cindy, Vanleed.
Cindy could gave birth naturally but because of TV show, surrogate mother needs to Caesarean.
Few year laer at third surrogacy, Cindys Uterine rupture.

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