Can't connect / Time out (8)

1 Name: Anonymous 2004-12-06 17:10 ID:Heaven [Del]

I have been getting these sometimes recently. Is anything wrong with the server? What are we running on, anyway?

2 Name: X68000♪ 2004-12-06 18:53 ID:Heaven [Del]

everything works fine here :P

3 Name: Squeeks!!zhpxfNLQ 2004-12-07 05:28 ID:Heaven [Del]

Other than the Apache restart that was done approx 24 hours from time of posting this, there has been no other reported faults to me or the techie dude who takes care of the server. \

>What are we running on, anyway?


4 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E 2004-12-07 09:54 ID:RkCN7NFQ [Del]

I get these timeouts too, but I'm beginning to think it might be a subtle issue with kareha. Reloading pages is never a problem, but posting sometimes is.

I occasionally have to reload in another window just to check whether a post went though before hitting stop and reposting in the first. It's why you sometime see doubleposting by me.

5 Name: Anonymous 2004-12-07 16:57 ID:Heaven [Del]

> HUH?


6 Name: Squeeks!!zhpxfNLQ 2004-12-08 06:53 ID:/y+UM6pA [Del]


It doesn't matter. You aren't getting the CPU past 4%, and the network past 8% during peak usage. Which is why im somewhat concerned about this timing out of connections, its making me think its my stupid host (serverbeach, if you can't already tell).

7 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E 2004-12-09 00:30 ID:CJ4GcoJQ [Del]

The problem does not just exist for 4-ch. It's on all boards using kareha.

8 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2004-12-09 01:14 ID:/eeslJIQ [Del]

Well, the other boards run on pretty flaky servers too. Mine are on 100webspace, and Lain's are on his home connection which probably gets pretty saturated. I don't think a CGI script CAN generate a connection timeout. At the most, it would open a connection that never closes.

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