requesting the ressurection of the lost threads in general (11)

1 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-04 16:59 ID:hFUoNeUJ


2 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-03-04 17:27 ID:NJVYHDGy

Huh? The data was lost. The admin who was suppose to be backing up the server completely (not me, another techie) has failed to do so. So unless people here have saved copies of the threads, I'm afraid there is very little to ressurect. If I'm lucky I may find very very old stuff (3+ months old), however make no guarentees.

In the coming weeks I have to sit down with the other few admins who manage this box to make some better backup arrangements, and I am going to push 6/12 hourly rsync backups with the server, even if its for the 2 domains I own. If you have better ideas on how I'm going to backup the box, post about it.

3 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-04 19:25 ID:Heaven

There's threads from /nihongo/ disappeared, too. :(

4 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-03-05 02:50 ID:NJVYHDGy

Threads from several boards bar DQN, Film&TV etc dissappeared....

5 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-05 16:20 ID:Heaven

That seriously sucks. Needs better backup plans. And with that I mean I might crawl through every directory once a day with some site ripper to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Shit, even /ascii/... this blows! >:(

6 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-05 21:49 ID:Heaven

> crawl through every directory once a day with some site ripper

You'd get a lot of duplicate content because of all the >> links. Crawling a one-link depth starting from each /board/subback.html would be more efficient... although I doubt this'll happen again...

7 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-06 01:57 ID:Heaven

> unless people here have saved copies of the threads

I was going to suggest checking google's cache, but it looks like they've updated it since. Oh well.

8 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-03-06 02:58 ID:Heaven

Could I ask that you not all just jump in and go leeching? As much as I have bandwidth spare, its I'd rather not be hit with unecessary bandwidth.

Already 24 hourly backups are being done, and when I get things setup a bit better, it will happen 6 hourly.

9 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-03-06 13:10 ID:3itfuYRV

Also: Making backups of the treads through the script loses the metadata from the thread files. This can be fixed, as it's not very complex, but the file won't be a drop-in replacement.

10 Name: Anonymous 2005-03-15 23:52 ID:Heaven

Partition to let the robots.txt let sites like archive threads on That way threads like the NEVADA thread (which got linked on at least two other places) wouldn't have been lost forever.

Link was

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