Let's talk about advertising. (7)

1 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-05-23 12:02 ID:Heaven

So far donations have been awesome. Already I've received a lot, thanks to you all for opening up and throwing cash in my direction, however 4-ch can't just live on donations forever. So, advertising is another area where we can look for funding. However before I slap any sort of adverts on this site, I want your opinion about it.

What would you like? What don't you want? What will you tolerate? What would you pay for advertising? So far I have a small list of things I'd like, but I'll let anonymous do some talking first.

2 Name: Anonymous 2005-05-23 12:17 ID:zydZJY8v

I am able to tolerate a lot of things.
I mean, I do not forgive et al...
But if things would get out of hand I'd rather addblock the most annoying ads instead of bitching about it so that in the end the site would depend on donations again.

I don't think ads are that bad, really.

3 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2005-05-23 15:54 ID:Lzs9T5g7

There is one annoying issue, which is that apparently Google ads WILL NOT WORK if you change even a single byte of the javascript code. And the code has newlines, which would be stripped by Kareha. I see no obvious workaround for this, since Kareha is build around storing posts on single lines...

4 Name: Anonymous 2005-05-23 21:42 ID:Heaven

>I don't think ads are that bad, really.

I agree, once you're on broadband banner ads become a non-issue so long as they don't hold up rendering the rest of the page when the ad server is down. Flash and popups are big no-nos though.

>Google ads WILL NOT WORK

Would it be possible to have them in a frame or something like that?

5 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-05-24 05:59 ID:Heaven


I disagree with using Flash, popups or ads that are large in file-size. I think animated GIF's are fine, but if I'm going to do organise the advertising I'll set some guidelines etc on what is, and what isn't acceptable. Anonymous is always welcome to question my actions.

6 Name: Anonymous 2005-05-24 10:06 ID:XIEOQkNk

I wouldn't mind ads if they were just of the banner variety. But since I understand you're against flash and popups I guess I have no reason to worry!

7 Name: Anonymous 2005-05-24 16:58 ID:GuIeIIzX

Ads like 2ch would be okay, as long as there was no flash. Flash ads are annoying, even with AdBlock. Especially the ones with sound. BZZZZZZZZZ

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