Board Titles (more images, or something) #2 (14)

1 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-06-07 13:07 ID:hw37xxBW

I'll try this again.

If you look at the Japanese, Food and Net Culture boards, you'll notice that all have these simple image banners at the top that are something like 400x100 or so. I would like to have these on all the boards (bar this one), but since I suck at creativity and its not just mine but it's also your site, I thought I would ask all those who have some creative skills in them to make something.

You can either email them, host them on imageshack, your own hosting or on a random imageboard. Then just post a link to it on this thread. You don't need to create anything totally awesome; mine were just done in 10 minutes with photoshop and some photos lying around.

2 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-07 20:15 ID:l1Wfymio

I made two. I hope people like them. They aren't really fancy and not even consistent in size dimensions but hey....

3 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-06-12 07:33 ID:Heaven

age. I'll do some more when I get some inspiration or something.

5 Name: bubu 2005-06-19 01:35 ID:Heaven
politics, 400x100, ziing.

PS: are the XY@4-ch AND both mandatory, or does one of them suffice? would be nice to know for next time.

6 Name: Squeeks!!XjdwLWBy (Admin) 2005-06-19 02:12 ID:Heaven

I don't have a particular preference to it but it would be nice I suppose.

And Thanks for all those, I'll put them up on the boards soon.

7 Name: Anonymous 2005-06-19 14:39 ID:Heaven

[CONTEST] Board Title Image [VOLUNTEERS]

Needs more posts!

8 Post deleted by moderator.

9 Name: Anonymous 2005-07-09 19:47 ID:WtBLCaOe

I made a simple one. Simplebutt ò.o

10 Name: Squeeks : 2007-02-06 21:36 ID:ncueVJM2

Quite a few boards are here without title images. So here is an age, to get people's attention about it.

11 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-02-06 23:03 ID:O6C33HZl

12 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-02-06 23:16 ID:O6C33HZl

Oh, wait. I see the Language one is already up there.

Well, some of the other ones up are for boards that are currently bannerless...

13 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-03-08 20:31 ID:By6moXCf

I would like to submit this one for Internet Addicts

14 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-07-23 07:35 ID:vRS0s/Xz

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