[I can't write in 4ch] H E L P M E [How could it be?] (6)

1 Name: Anonymous 2006-02-19 23:46 ID:KixWTgaM

Hi, I have a problem...
I cannot write in 4-ch somehow.
I wrote something and pushed an enter botton,
a page was reloaded,
the thread which I wrote came to the top of the thread list,
but nothing is written on the thread!
I bought this laptop in Japan.
Now I'm in the U.S.
Plz help me (´・ω・`)
I can use only the nihongo board.

2 Name: 1 2006-02-19 23:47 ID:KixWTgaM


3 Name: 1 2006-02-19 23:48 ID:KixWTgaM

oh i did write! > < but not at the other boards(´・ω・`)

4 Name: !WAHa.06x36 2006-02-19 23:53 ID:Heaven

Can you link to the thread you tried to post in?

5 Name: 1 2006-02-20 00:20 ID:KixWTgaM


That was "[Japan] Suicide County [Nihon] (26)" in the board"News".
I went to look this thread now, and I found that there are the same comments which I wrote....
Oh no ; ;
I had pushed the enter botton only once!

6 Name: 1 2006-02-20 00:29 ID:KixWTgaM

as I said at 5, I can link to the thread "[Japan] Suicide County [Nihon] (26)" in the board"News", but... i don't know why it happens.

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