New Section or Category request (17)

1 Name: Depressed : 2006-07-10 04:24 ID:mUMIPqi1

I would like a new section with the heading PROBLEMS where people will post general troubles in life they are having.

2 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-07-13 00:13 ID:Heaven

/love/ and /general/ work fine for that kind of thing, to be honest.

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-07-13 04:14 ID:Heaven


4 Name: L30eightyfive : 2006-07-21 17:50 ID:TaiAuy0r

i would like to see a philosophy section.

5 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-07-21 23:00 ID:Heaven

you could probably get away with it in /science/

6 Name: Anonymous : 2006-07-23 02:23 ID:mp7/nV6y

singles and couples?

since sometimes people dont want to see how couples are doing (creating envy)??

just a thought

7 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-07-28 13:37 ID:+igIPkgm


sounds like a plan

8 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-08-22 20:41 ID:IdoJDJCY

There is a couples thread in /love/, but I don't know if there's many couples there to begin with.

9 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-09-16 02:05 ID:O8aWKEZ4

I'm >>3, and now I'm staring to agree with >>1.

We need a Life or Hikikomori board.

10 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-09-21 05:11 ID:lsjfIT1p

Yeah, maybe something like "Social life or lack thereof"

11 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-10-10 18:35 ID:R6Np7YuZ

Seconding a PHILOSOPHY section. Also a religion board would be nice. Having discussions of Jesus's divinity or whatever in a philosophy board doesn't make sense, so please keep them seperate if you created either.

12 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-10-30 14:20 ID:foeyO2Xu

how about a fashion board?

13 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-10-30 18:23 ID:Heaven

i lol'd

14 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-10-31 20:30 ID:sZumjyue

I'd like to request a board specifically for YouTube links. I think there's one on 2ch now.

I second this. Maybe Religion and Philosophy can be combined to make one board?

15 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-11-02 00:50 ID:coVhurD0

Can't a YouTube thread be made in Internet Addicts Anonymous or DQN?

16 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2006-11-02 06:54 ID:IdoJDJCY

There's already a youtube/google video thread in Film & TV.

17 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-01-25 00:01 ID:Heaven

Maybe we should have an English board, to talk about English!

Or maybe that's the dumbest idea I've ever come up with.

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