[Feature] Spoiler tags (6)

1 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-22 12:50 ID:3reLBaXg

I think BBCODE-style [spoiler][/spoiler] tag would be a welcome edition to many board, namely /tv/, /anime/, /manga/, /games/ and /book/. Trivial to implement. Opinions?

2 Name: Squeeks : 2007-10-22 17:41 ID:/jT2NisQ

"BBCODE" will never be a feature added to this site. As for spoiler protection: why can't people just forewarn?

3 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-22 22:30 ID:pIqF0Q1I

Or use ROT13.

4 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-23 08:37 ID:3reLBaXg

I know it won't. BBCODE sucks, I was just suggesting the adding of one 'tag'. Would you consider a wakaba-mark style spoiler-tag?

4-ch != usenet, lol.

5 Name: Squeeks : 2007-10-23 17:37 ID:/jT2NisQ

Not really.

6 Name: Anonymous Advisor : 2007-10-23 18:21 ID:pIqF0Q1I

"EBG13 vf n fvzcyr Pnrfne pvcure hfrq va bayvar sbehzf nf n zrnaf bs uvqvat fcbvyref"

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