Predjudism against culture/memepools (4)

1 Name: ex-infinity!E6R.G1IcaQ 2006-01-14 09:00 ID:QF6mL3Ue

I'm sorry if I ask questions in this post that have already been answered. If they have, please answer them for me.

My father received an angry the email the other day. It wasn't directed at him, it was a more 'rally the troops' sort of email. Apparantly Australia is facing another ethnic invasion, similar to the 'yellow peril' of the earlier 20thC, or the fear of communist invasion with the 'Domino Theory.'

Only now, we have a new enemy, the invasion of one culture into another. Muslims invading our culture, challenging the way our society thinks and acts. When will this tyranny end? Who knows! We must fight this invasion, they must assimilate to us or be forced to leave.

My father actually beleives this bullshit.

This got me thinking - this isn't racism, this is something of a new breed of prejudism. It's not based on race or physical capacity, it's based on beliefs and culture, and the unwillingness to let go. This is based on culture, or memepools. But, as far as I know, we don't have a word that defines prejudism against other cultures/memepools, do we? I suggest we standardise a new word for this, something born from the word meme or culture. Memeism, or cultism[1].

Mainly my musings, but what does everyone think?

1.This word already exists it seems, but I think it applies better to my definiton

2 Name: Mad Scientist 2006-01-14 20:16 ID:Xnebg92D

  • Posting this in /politics/ might yield you more answers.
  • While I think cultism is an apt description the word you were looking for is probably culturalism.
  • The expression I would use is "(cultural) chauvinism" and the phenomenon is not only not new, but pretty much the oldest in the book. You hardly will find a culture that did not consider outsiders inferior (the standard example: greek vs barbarian).

3 Name: ex-infinity!E6R.G1IcaQ 2006-01-14 22:56 ID:Heaven

Well crap.

4 Name: Mad Scientist 2006-01-16 05:08 ID:Heaven

Maybe "xenophobia" or "religious intolerance".

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