How much of our brain do we really use? (14, permasaged)

1 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-27 01:57 ID:vBjFFES0

I've never seen any concrete studies pointing one way or another on this. I'd like to find out more about this, but I have really no idea where to look.

Anybody have any info on this? Studies?

2 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-27 02:07 ID:nmeOe6B7

One Hundred Percent.

If you'd like to argue it's less than that, I can remove the part of your brain that you're not using.

3 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-27 08:03 ID:h6gdSz3o

Geeks use 100% of their mind, 0% body. Jocks, otherwise. In betweeners - etc.

4 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-27 11:20 ID:Heaven

That is a lie and you know that

5 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-27 21:13 ID:aueIga4l

Over the period of an entire day, we use about 90-100% of our brains, but on any one task, we use only a small minority.

The brain is built of a wide variety of components that have an equally wide variety of functions, so we don't generally use very much of our brain for doing things that don't require the use of any more than a few parts of the brain.

Walking, for instance, only requires the basic aspects of our brain to be active (primarily the brain stem); so we generally only have this small portion of our brain active while we walk.

This may, infact, be the origin of the "10% myth".

I don't have any concrete studies that prove that what I'm saying is true, but if you put the pieces together, it makes sense.

6 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-28 01:32 ID:Heaven

'That' (subject) = x, 'a lie' (refutation of subject postulate) = y;

Your sentence reads as, "x equals y, also x".
The fault lies where you named the subject as 'that', negated it, then postulated my awareness of the subject without negation, of which I am clearly aware.
It is grammatically redundant.
Plus you forgot a period.

7 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-28 10:36 ID:VxERySis


Grammar on 4-ch?


8 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2008-09-29 17:38 ID:Heaven

You misspelled "4chan". Go there and never come back.

9 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-10-07 15:44 ID:XFlH1RPZ

Go away [i]Heaven[/i].

10 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-10-11 20:59 ID:Heaven

4-ch has always been full of elite grammarians.

11 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2009-10-20 21:41 ID:Heaven

The Elitist Superstructure doesn't exist. Nothing to see here, move along.

12 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2009-10-22 03:37 ID:chDA9dUh

apparently humans only use 10% of their brain

13 Name: none of your bisness : 2009-10-28 23:45 ID:zbBT/a57

look you people are geeks!!

14 Name: Anonymous Scientist : 2010-12-24 05:47 ID:+3cGp7GH

Mythbusters did an episode on this. I think they said the myth of human's only using 10% of the brain was busted, but we still don't use that much of the brain. Like less than 30% at any time.

Don't quote me on that, cause I don't remember.

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