Wrestling Teeeam. (3)

1 Name: Hurr : 2008-02-08 22:47 ID:7ERF4dmN

Well, people.
I'm a girl and my high school just started the wrestling team so I signed up for it today.
I just wanna know if there's any specific training that will get me into shape for this kind of sport. Laps, push ups, etc..?

thanks in advance.

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3 Name: That Nigger From 7chan : 2008-02-24 05:18 ID:Hozsfj7K

I was personally on the wrestling team as well, and I think that probably the best thing to start out with is just tons of less intense cardio workouts and a lot of pushups and pullups. When I started out on my wrestling team, in the beginning all we did in practice was jog, wrestle, and do pushups and situps.

Also, don't starve yourself or puke to lose weight or anything like that. It will kill your body. The most you should ever do is dehydrate before weigh-ins. Most important is to always show up to a match well-hydrated and in good condition. If you eat right and work hard (and aren't over-stressed), it will honestly start getting easier. The matches don't get easier, though.

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