Specific vs. generic boards (2)

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What is more successful? Are the hobbies and literature boards to generic? Would perhaps sports and pocket books be better?

Would Language be as trafficated as 日本語 if 日本語 didn't exist?

2 Name: 404 - Name Not Found : 2006-04-28 03:57 ID:Heaven

Depends on how much traffic each board gets (or that one would think it would get.)

Hobbies and literature rach hardly get any traffic, so I think they're fine.

And yep, I think language would be as trafficated as 日本語 if 日本語 didn't exist. There' s a good example of what does need (and has) another board.

If sometime in the future, a certain hobby or type of literature started dominating a certain board (or 4-ch got to even 1/50 of 2ch, when a few different sub-categories would be needed for each category), I would say there was reason for more specific categories.

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