Flash tutorial sites...? (9)

1 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-05 03:58 ID:y2n5O3mV

i picked up a copy of flash a couple of months back and i've gotten the hang of the basics of the program. but i was wondering if there were any websites that had instructions/tutorials/tips for improving my animation. any suggestions?

2 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-05 18:41 ID:K3JdJjPF

That's not really code. Try /tech/.

3 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-07 17:16 ID:TdgLHE2A

What about ActionScript?

4 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-07 20:58 ID:K3JdJjPF

What about it? >>1 didn't ask about ActionScript.

Geez. This board is full of idiots ready to pounce on people. "He doesn't know about ActionScript!" Of course I know about ActionScript, but that wasn't in the question, dolt.

5 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-07 21:39 ID:Heaven


Idiots like you?

6 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-08 01:32 ID:K3JdJjPF

Yes, exactly like me. Really, it just pissed me off because when posting >>2 I thought, "Won't someone say 'what about ActionScript'? ...nah, nobody who will post here is that stupid," but I was completely wrong, as usual. Someone just decided to be a wise-ass without saying anything relevant.

Anyway, thread hijacked. This thread is now about ActionScript. I've never used it myself, but I hear it's vaguely C-like. Is it any good?

7 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-08 11:42 ID:Heaven

Isn't it just Javascript? I don't know anything about it either though.

8 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-09 10:05 ID:Heaven


9 Name: #!/usr/bin/anonymous : 2006-06-11 05:41 ID:Heaven

You would think Actionscript would be implied since this is /prog/ and all.

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