First 4-ch related dream (12)

1 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4468 17:09 [no]

I feel I must report this dubious achievement.
Last night I posted the Princess Maker thread in Games and went to bed promptly as it was 1AM (I played all 4 hours of Princess Maker 2 once I started).
I dreamt that I was playing a hybrid of 4-ch and Princess Maker where getting more posts on your forum determined what sort of woman your daughter will become.
Once your forum was at a certain level of popularity it expanded into a mega-BBS and tons of people started coming.
Additionally the tripcodes and fixed handles were in different colors.
At this point I dreamt that the threads became virtual reality like .hack//sign and little anonymous people went sailing on riverboats from thread to thread, checking for signs of life and making fun of tripfags.
I rode on a sort of waterslide from thread into another thread that had reached 500.
At this point my daughter turned 18 and the credits displayed. She became an artist (like in the actual game I played) and her mom invited me to dinner.

2 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4468 22:22 [no]

Someone oughta make an anime out of this.

3 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4468 23:46 [no]


4 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4469 08:44 [no]

was she naked?

5 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4469 11:55 [no]

I am so going to implement this dream. I want to sail in little riverboats from thread to thread too!

6 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4469 16:30 [no]

use the fucking scroll wheel >>5

7 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4469 23:58 [no]


8 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4475 18:32 [no]

I hope >>5 implements the riverboat-sailing in the way >>6 suggested! It sounds like a powerful user interface..

9 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4475 18:38 [no]

Scrolling, scrolling, over the DQN
Where many a stormy wind shall blow
'Ere Squeeks comes home again

10 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4475 21:22 [no]

Princess Maker 2 Rocks!

11 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4499 01:44 [no]

The details were very limited. however, I recieved PAIZURI from a JAV model named MEGUMI.

12 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4499 01:51 [no]

Perhaps DQN is but a dream...

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