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1 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4562 16:29 [no]

The best way for cat is made it drunk by silvervine powder.
Because it doesn’t run away the waist falls out and I can abuse it as I please.
Cause the cat to suck in silvervine is best.
It seems that the cat is in pain and scratches the nozzle of vacuum.
It’s vain.
Cat becomes limp soon, I repeat do it again and again till the extent of it dies,
because I’m uninteresting if it died this stage.
If I lost interest, throw it into the bathtub which filled water.
This is so fun and I shake with laughter!
I gave the enema in mustard to the cat. Then, it run away with a strange cry.
It was falling down froth at the mouth in the kitchen.
Next day, the cat had faces many times from the morning. I was sorry for it ;
so I gave the enema in Tabasco instead of the enema to it.
It cried very lovely and fainted.
Surely it thanks to me.

Cats dislike the things of adhesive.
I found the cat at last and I tried quickly.
I twisted the gammed tape around the whole body of the cat except eyes, nose and mouth.
It went on a rampage.
I neglected it for a while then it was scream and leaked pee and it became insane.

Also, you anesthetize the cat.
You should prepare handy weight metal tool like hammer,crowbar of pliers.
Hit the head of a cat use them.
However you strike lightly. Strike strong gradually.
Do you have wire?
It is good if you have the thickness of about 16mm.
Wire is twisted around the root of the portion which you cut.
You twist it strongly on pliers.
You’ll stop, if the cat’s scream becomes large.
If you use this way, bleeding can be suppressed to the minimum.

Fry cat.
Put in the cat into oil of 30 degrees.
It went on o rampage ; so I covered the cat with the metal net.
It became little bit husky. I could see it was in tears.
My aim was the temperature of oil as 250 degrees.
The cat still struggled. The temperature of oil is point to 60 degrees.
When it became 90 degrees, the state of the cat had change.
It raised a death cry and it was cramping the legs.
Something white liquid from eyes.
Then cat’s face sank in the oil.
After I continued frying the cat at 250 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes.
It became just a burned black mass. And I threw it away into the garbage can.
The time of the skin being fried was the most stinking.
After, smell like the pork burns.
Next time, I’ll put a cat into hot oil and I want to report it.

2 Name: Captain Obvious 1993-09-4562 16:35 [no]

How are you gentlemen!

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It's You!

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>>2 fails it.
It is

How are you gentlemen !!

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bite me okay

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ouch !!

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this may be dqn but i still really hate this thread

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We're all tards here, but torturing cats aint cool.

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