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Anyways, everyone, please listen to me. Not that it's totally related to this thread. My friend and I went into Hot Topic and I was dressed in my usual random style that people at my school had to invent a word to describe and she was wearing pink. Some boy in the store dressed like a ggothh came up to my friend and says gEw! Ifm blind!h He covered his eyes and walked away from her as fast as possible. He and his friends stood in the corner of the store staring at her, making jokes and laughing. She changed her shirt in the bathroom to a black one and went back into Hot Topic to continue shopping. The store manager now thought she was a customer (before he hadnft given her a second glance) and started showing her around. Did she change her personality? Did she change who she was? No, she changed her shirt. I thought ggothh was supposed to be about the person behind the maskcthe person under the façade. gGothh are the misunderstood onescthe ones who stand alone. If they are so alone, why is it that ggothh makes up the biggest group of teensctied only with prep/skater. The whole point of being ggothh was to make a statement and earn respect for those who are different. Its coming to the point where the only reason someone is different is because they choose to be. Those who are ggothh seclude themselves and separate themselves from the group. They stereotype and judge just as much as everyone elsecbut if you judge them they feel you are only looking at the stereotype. What is this? They can judge the worldcbut the world doesnft understand them? Thatfs really smart guys. Drop the stereotypes and just try to be yourself and not put yourself into a group. Ifm not in one and I have friends in every single click and every one of them considers me one of their own. What am I? Ifm me and proud of itc

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shit that's so cool. I already have one!

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doesnt even look like the original one

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you're a retard who couldn't see good writing if it danced in front of him wearing mittens

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You're a limbless person who wants to dance parapara with a one mitten on your head.

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( ) LIMBS!

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yeah sorry but some dreams never come true :(

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They have an article about Minor Threat on the front page of with Minor Threat's logo? Dischord better sue the shit out of them for this.

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>>16 I hate naruto and want to die.

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>>17 do you talk about naruto there? have you seen it it's great

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