Let's make war with SA goons [MUDs] (10)

1 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4796 14:49

It seems that some goons have started their own Tradewars2002 MUD game. It's been going on for 16 days, but it hasn't progressed all that much yet. Why not join their game show these goon chumps how it's done? GOONS VS. ANONYMOUS - the epic battle in space!

Here's the original post with server info, and info about the game

"Game Info
Rather than posting a long in-depth synopsis of the game for those who don't know what it is I recommend clicking on the below link and reading the Wikipedia article that covers way more than I could.


It has been a while since we had a good Tradwars game going. I have a license for TWGS (no BBS required), and have run quite a few TW goon games in the past so I thought it was time to get a new game going.

Game Setup
Typically in the past it has been a 20,000 sector (max size) unlimited turn game, and then a small game with low turns for the new players to get the feel of how the game plays without having to run with the big ISS dogs.

I'm going to pretty much leave it up to you guys to decide how you want me to configure the first game (I can run multiple games at the same time). Once we decide what we want I'll edit this post with the information.

Getting Connected
The server address is goonwars.servegame.org (though you currently won't be able to connect as I haven't banged a game yet)

There are a couple ways to connect to the game:

You can use the built in command line Telnet for Windows (Click Start > Run > type CMD & hit ENTER, then type telnet goonwars.servegame.org & hit ENTER to connect). The PuTTY Telnet client will also work.

Or you can use one of the below listed Tradewars helper programs. Helper programs have a lot of scripts built in to help automate a lot of the game play, and make it easier especially people new to the game. Both sites have information on setting up the helpers and how to connect to Tradewars servers.

Helper Programs
SWATH - http://www.swath.net/
ATTAC - http://www.tw-attac.com/

And since Goons love graphics, here is an exciting screenshot to get the ball rolling."

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>>1 is this a repost from /b/?

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/b/ ? what is that?

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Ass and fail, usually.

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