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1 Name: VIPPER : 1993-09-4930 17:53

VIPPER is the only man for DQN
DQN is the only woman for VIPPER

2 Name: ⊂二二二( ^ω^)二二二⊃ : 1993-09-4930 19:09

DQN kills VIPPER over family dispute

By Security Kitten, Staff Reporter

A woman who shot her sleeping VIPPER twice in the head fabricated a fake story about his death and then asked one of her brothers to report the murder to the police.

The woman told the police during investigations that her VIPPER was shot by somebody who knocked at the front door.

According to her testimony, the 47-year-old VIPPER, who was sleeping, rushed to the door as soon as he heard the knock. "In few moments, I heard the voice of something heavy hitting the wall," she said.

The woman said she went out and saw her bleeding VIPPER and assisted him to reach the bedroom where he died.

Brigadier General Squeeks, Chief of 4-ch, said during a press conference held yesterday at the emirate's police department that the crime was "totally alien to the BBS society".

Brigadier General Squeeks said the crime took place around 4:30am on Sunday. The police found traces of blood in the bedroom. The body of the victim was later moved to the emirate's morgue, he said.

Officers doubted the DQN's version of the story which claimed the victim survived crossing the house garden to reach his bedroom after he was shot twice in the head from a very short distance, said Brigadier General Squeeks. Moreover, no blood traces were found in the garden and at the door, he said.

Examining the crime scene, Brigadier General Squeeks said, the police analysed the finger prints and found that the bed on which the victim slept was wet and had been washed recently, which fuelled suspicion.

Colonel moot, who heads the Criminal Investigation Department at News for VIP , said the police recovered recently washed bed and pillow covers from a secret place in the house.

Lieutenant Colonel DRRRRR, the Head of the Investigation Section at the Elitist Suerstructure, said the police then suspected the 46-year-old DQN and arrested her.

When questioned about the covers and her fingerprints on them, the woman confessed to the crime and led police to the hidden weapon.

Long-standing family dispute resulted in the murder, the police said.

The woman has been referred to the BBS Public Prosecution.

3 Name: VIPPER : 1993-09-4932 16:20

( 'A`) I thought you loved me.

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