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Since >>>>>>I do not feel like reiterating, I'll simply show YOU the response >>>>>I gave to another user to further EDUCATE YOU on Japan. (lol)
In Japanese society, foreigners are commonly made fun of, rejected, and overall treated in a highly different manner than another Japanese. Japanese people also do not watch a lot of anime at all, nor do they typically read much manga, and "otakus" are commonly rejected and criticized as well.
While I can not speak for everyone, I must say that, as someone who is pursuing Japanese and Asian studies as a major, "otakus" frequently get in the way and are an overall nuisance. Even so, I do not mind them, and have befriended many of them. But when it comes time to get down to business, I'd rather not have that constant fly buzzing around my ear, or bumps in the table as I'm trying to write (speaking figuratively, of course).
I have been studying Japanese for over seven years now. I first started studying by myself, before I moved and took it in school, skipping past the first level. I am now in Japanese III Honors, and taking AP Japanese next year (skipping Japanese IV).
Working at a comic store, there is an infinitesimal door available for you to be able to go to Akiba. Not only would you have to learn the language to get anywhere economically there, but you'd also have to adjust and adapt, which isn't as easy as it sounds. At all.
Furthermore, Japan is an expensive place to live. Expensive. There is also a high demand for housing, as well as the different houses. Since Japan has a government like Britain, it is divided into classes. This is why the rich people normally have big houses, and the average businessman (even if he may be considered highly successful) has an apartment or condominium.
To give you a short walkthrough, you would have to learn the language and culture, starting from before or at the time you start high school. Then you would have to take part in several or many activities which show your eagerness to learn and take part in Japanese and its studies. You would need to keep your GPA up, find a nice college, get accepted, shine more than the other students there, take the college courses (obviously), major in something related to Japanese such as Asian Studies, as well as Japanese in Graduate school. You should also study abroad sometime during college. Then, after all of that, you would have to find a way of getting the money for a ticket to Japan, living expenses, transportation, etc. as well as getting to know the area immediately, seeing as how you'll need a place to live.
While you may think that just because you have a strong will towards going to Japan, there are many obstacles that stand in your way, and most of them depend on time, and then academics and money. Furthermore, a great amount of logic and common sense is needed, as well as flexibility.
Even though you want to go to Japan, there are far too many things that you won't expect. You obviously haven't even begun to scratch the surface of even the slightest knowledge of what Japan actually is yet, and, even if you do manage to make it there, the chances of you leading a better life both depend on your past actions (college, etc.) and availability. Japan is very busy, very busy. Most businessmen work so much, they basically commute home.
Therefore, if you truly want to live in Akiba, you better hope you have family ties there. Especially considering your attitude towards learning the language. When you take on this objective, there is no room nor time for being pompous.

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ITT Gay magic.

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I was hoping this was the "IT'S KENNY G!" thread.

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when did this board turn into 4chan 2

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You're wrong.

4chan copied from us.

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No, 4chan copied from iichan who copied from world4ch who copied from world2ch who copied from us who copied from 2chan who copied from world2ch who copied from 2ch who copied from 4chan who copied from us.

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