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First paragraph of The Library of Babel:

Six great uncertainty rectangular photo exhibit, you follow a policy of good low-end circulation, and this is probably related to outer space (such as libraries Standing another person on the list of names), completely surrounded Componte. Some Rictangularettiis 6 of everything that is on the second floor, and a relatively low end : the end. An exhibition of pictures of the distribution reform. It ended 20 shelving other low all this land includes two of the five malicious long Continental; Normal Heights libraries attach importance to the bottle, and a person from the ground. As for the freedom of the first Museum and the narrowness of the same places. Each of some, since the end of the hall. 2 large on the rights and obligations of each of the market in the rest Kabbah pressure. Open, more than 30% of sleep, and the prospect of the feet; The need to provide an adequate number of completed for another. What is the truth Abisma those things away from the stairway barbed old brother bar. In the front of women, and the emergence of accuracy that is exactly the same thing. It does not have a tendency to be unlimited, library, or microscopic findings rights (this is not really accurate) does not seem to be the case, and duplication; My mistake, and promises unpolished, round fruit because this area is to look at the facts dream like light / write the names of the light / write. Each rectangular six places were 2 : If this party. The advantages. Aluminum is still light / 1894 to write, [Kien] there is still a lot.

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Being the place where it is used, itt Google (1) translates eight mainly

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It has outlined the endurance which the heaven and it wears at first. Molds the space not to have the endurance, is the profound surface it is,; And the God brains are mobile toward adjoins 邻… the superficial darkness. "God which tells with it," is light/write it assigns; And light/write it is. And it sees, light/write it wears is good,; And it has divided light/write from darkness which wears. It is called him to be called the night it to wear and a light day darkness in the place. And balances, morning, from that place 1st this is it is. In orderly assigns from that place to it spreads adjoins with the God sky 邻… the center, the "fact it divides adjoins 邻… calls from it to adjoin 邻…. "will be similar to by adjoins 邻… wears in the sky is adjoins in sky low 邻… does the sky which will divide. And is elephant it is that like this. And it calls to wear the sky the heaven. And balances, morning it is, 21st it is. And inside will examine together in 1 place in heaven low adjoins 邻… some person and "it wears with in order to appear, the ground will stop the fact it calling it will attempt. "is elephant like this its that sum. It wore and stops with the ground endurance, it gathered it one ‹N‹© and he to adjoin 邻… is called the sea. And it wore and that it to see. And inside follows the plant, in various fruit tree about the shoe, the "endurance fruit, hits each to strike inside the ballplayer. And regards, is the elephant in place "is like this the endurance, you let, converses bringing by its you to resist its plant is. About the endurance plant, latter records enters, flows out the result in the blood, in the benevolent under inside tree fruit resistance with in own plant, brings the blood to flow out and, each it is. And it wore and that it to see. And balances, morning it is, 31st it is. And light/write sky heaven when you tell God "from that place assignment,; When they are many places indications and divide one day and its year it to permit from a night of seasonal datum, which endurance their heaven sky does light/write it assign for the light/write. "is elephant like this its that sum. Night, in order to control bigger n to compare makes 11 light/write it to wear with his 2 matters khu it controls one day in light/write light/write to do by it in star inside orders the respect,; With him. And regards in the day in order to divide the rule to endure, inside shoe light/write place with their heaven sky from night of period and dark invested light/write to be excessive. And it wore and that it to see. And balances, morning it is, 41st it is.

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And it disseminates God, "it comes and has adjoins 邻… one many to tell the attempt the person and it to intersect and the animal, the sky and the heaven sea urchin flies it to do to the endurance bird. "in order to do, in motion blood their flowing out, the monster and all people and the animal and the gorgeous sea will adjoin 邻… it to follow it to follow and to take risk its it to wear outlines the bird flight many, the blood flowed out, possesses. And it wore and that it to see. And they will be widespread and it commended the profit, they demonstrated "has its increase, the comfortable sea adjoins 邻…, which will it fill it to increase the bird to wear in the endurance in terminal fact. "it is and balances, morning, 5th it is. In is systematic God which and it disseminates, the "hard spirit it afterwards comes in the blood their flowing out, takes a test is called the person and an animal in the that side,: You afterwards come the endurance about the Earth cow which to the blood flows out? Matter and animal. "is elephant like this its that sum. And in the blood their flowing out, their flowing out which follows the blood with it, and it afterwards comes it in the shoe afterwards to come in the blood endurance to flow out? ? To Yulb which produces is done in cow's animal inside the ground. And it wore and that it to see. Will wear in later "our image person history our beginning,; Is we is inside their permit "fact all endures and the endurance government too with its that in the fish to the sea and the bird and the surplus quota cow and the surplus quota surplus quota air? Matter permit? He wrongly and the God image image he outlined the person diary in the place which it did not know he to possess it to wear and it to outline,; The person and the woman have outlined these them. And their it wears, calls as God in them, "it is and the comfortable profit filling all, the increase and the endurance and controlled it to commend; And inside bird and surplus quota sea excessive amount air fish and endurance government. "I about because brings all plants type fruit is possessing the earth's surface and the place is for all trees enclosed and all, it moves, you call the flesh and blood and all in order to is a shoe," sees; Food there is the danger they. Inside and in Earth all animals and all birds, with does to Yulb endures the air? ? It gives whole food, there is the dangerous life and all green plants' attracting. "is elephant like this its that sum. Sees with his shoe, it quite looked n peels Joh which matter that he will do. And balances, morning it is, 61st it is.

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The instruments and Tungsten

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Here a place, of that sees has for, but with babelfish:

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"tashian" is almost "tanasinn"...

THIˆζˆUST BE THζˆζˆTH TO ENLˆζˆζˆNMENT

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The covers of W that one they, is

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