[Tips and Tricks] Fashion do's and dont's (52)

1 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-06 15:05 ID:Heaven

Post things you've heard on shows about fashion, magazines, and all those little tricks you've found out yourself about the what to do and what not to do when picking out clothes!

Things I've learned from shows/magazines:

  • Horizontal stripes make you look wide and short.
  • Vertical stripes make you look thin and tall.
  • Princess seams in shirts and jackets make you look very feminine, but if you're on the heavy side, it's better to go with straight seams.
  • Natural fabrics almost always look better than synthetic fabrics, but natural fabrics wrinkle very easily while synthetic fabrics rarely wrinkle at all.
  • Makeup should either accentuate the eyes or the lips, never both. This is the mistake cross-dressers and cheap hookers make.
  • Blend your foundation into your ears and neck.
  • If you have small hands and thin arms, don't wear large rings and bracelets.
  • In order to get rid of love-handles, do right and left stretches, arm over head, bending at the waist.

Things I've figured out by myself:

  • Stretch fabric anything just makes you look fatter. If you want tight fitting clothes, buy uncomfortable, non-stretch tight fitting clothes. They look much better, even if they do feel constricting.
  • The more expensive something is, the more likely the sizing is completely screwy. Always try on expensive clothes before buying them. (And don't buy expensive clothes online!)
  • Your hair and skin color largely determines what will look good on you. Don't expect your normal wardrobe to look the same if you suddenly spring a tan and dye your hair.
  • A wide belt can make you look thinner, depending on how you wear it.
  • A Thigh-Master really is your friend. As are push-ups. And crunches.
  • Sometimes, glasses really are more attractive. Especially when you start having allergy problems with your contacts in and your eyes turn bright red.

2 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 01:31 ID:3gi+0Zae

Belts should always match the shoes.
Colored pants, while rising in popularity among the "FRESH" scene, look really stupid and should be best avoided.
While uncommon colors are really popular, nothing can ever beat calm colors and a nice pair of jeans.
Jeans with holes in them are stupid.
Always try on clothes before you buy them.
Vinegar in the washer solves so many problems.
The baggy look does NOT look good on fat people. Fat people look good with normal-fitting clothes.

3 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 03:32 ID:lk87QNwv

This thread is fabulous.

4 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E : 2007-11-07 03:38 ID:Heaven

Since jeans were mentioned: low-rise jeans are damn ugly on almost all women. Don't succumb to the marketing.

5 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 05:53 ID:8ubEWX+g

Baggy clothes don't look good on anyone! They make people look especially shapeless.

Foundation garments and basics. If you don't have a well fitting bra and underwear, everything you try on will hang oddly. And, even if you have very small breasts, never go without a bra. You should also have some staple things in your wardrobe that you keep even as trends change.

Stretch fabrics can be okay but the percentage of elastic must be very slight. Clothes with too much stretch will lose their shape over the course of the day.

Try out many lines of clothes until you find something that works for your body shape. Since there are no standardized measurements for clothing, a company may make clothes that just aren't cut for the way you are proportioned. For example: one jean brand may have a four inch difference between their waist and hip sizes, while another could have six or eight.

However, if you like something that doesn't fit right, don't be afraid to go to a tailor. Buy a size up, and a tailor can trim off the extra material so the fit is specialized to you. If you're short and a company don't make a petite line, you can also have clothing hemmed (this is a problem I have a lot.)

Layering clothes can be fun, but you have to use lightweight fabrics when doing so. Too many heavy fabrics will be bulky and make you feel uncomfortable and look bloated.

6 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 06:08 ID:3gi+0Zae

Can you get shirts custom tailored to your size if you get skinnier? I ask because I have a BUNCH of t-shirts that I like, but I've lost so much weight that they look like gowns on me already. I'd like to make them smaller and keep them.

7 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 07:24 ID:8ubEWX+g

I'm pretty sure that a tailor can work on any garment you bring to them. I do see a possible problem, though. If a design or embellishment is sized up on the original shirt they could get in the way when you're removing the excess material. I'm not a seamstress, though, so I don't know if they can work around it. Tailors can also be expensive, so if your teeshirts were cheap, you may just want to buy new ones. I'd find one in your area and ask them about it though.

8 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 10:47 ID:9MxGCXFr

If you're really stuck for ideas/ can't be bothered deciding what to wear; A white shirt with a black print and dark denim jeans always looks smart yet casual.

9 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 22:55 ID:TfAa1t7k

They following things make you gay:

  • Single Earring in your right ear.
  • Buckling your belt on the left.
  • Handkerchief in your back pants pocket
  • Wearing Green on Thursdays
  • The colours pink and purple.
  • Rainbow flag
  • Penis fencing

10 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-07 23:06 ID:Heaven

> The colours pink and purple.

Not if you're southish european or turkish it doesn't.

11 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-11-09 01:29 ID:3gi+0Zae

Don't ever follow hype.

12 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2007-12-09 00:24 ID:Heaven

Wearing green on Thursdays? What.

What if St. Patrick's Day falls on a Thursday?

I smell a troll.

13 Name: :Dholla : 2008-01-27 03:12 ID:RPFxoNF4

Mmm kay. So personal observation for the fashion fanatics purple is hip. Dunno if it started with the purple hoodies from American Apparel or the new ‘colored jeans’ trend but yes; this season ‘purple is the new black’.
Also the big floppy knitted hats for the ladies. Get rid of the dreads and keep the Jamaican style knitted hats.
What else…oh yah!! Holy shit whats with all the sweet boots!!! I guess its gone from glam rock to ‘lady like’. Girls are getting all girly again. Classy 50’s inspired trends. Knuff said and enough skin.
And boys, geeze… Dunno. The tight jeans are climbing the fence over to them too. It’s the 90’s coming back. Tight jeans on the boys with a ‘rock out with your cock out’ shirt. Only difference is they’re not flaunting the banger hair.
Oh ya and dirty mustaches, rat-tails…
Seems like it’s a juxtapoz of glam, class and purposefull trashiness.
Just say’in.

14 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-01-27 04:00 ID:Heaven


Lies. Low-rise jeans look great on hot chicks. It's the fatties with muffin-tops and love handles you need to watch out for.

15 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-01-29 13:29 ID:iiYUU+4j

>Seems like it’s a juxtapoz of glam, class and purposefull trashiness.

And metrosexuality.

16 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-01-30 02:21 ID:/fUg/6+7



17 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-03 04:22 ID:8ubEWX+g

If you didn't know, low-rise jeans cause muffin tops on absolutely everyone.

18 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-06 14:28 ID:F2bmQ10Z


> Wearing green on Thursdays? What.
> What if St. Patrick's Day falls on a Thursday?

Then you're dressed perfectly for the occasion. Think about it.

19 Name: da PG king : 2008-02-11 00:15 ID:yHMAhuuX


bandana in back pocket if your gangster

Pink is not gay. Excessive use of it is.

20 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-11 00:55 ID:Heaven

>bandana in back pocket if your gangster

still gay, maybe even more

>Pink is not gay. Excessive use of it is.


21 Name: da PG king : 2008-02-11 01:43 ID:yHMAhuuX

not gay.

the man who will wear pink because he doesnt care what other people think me has courage

bandandas are not gay.

if you think so then wrap one around your mouth and hush.

22 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-11 11:59 ID:Heaven

Why would I want to wrap gay around my mouth?

23 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-11 14:06 ID:Heaven

'cause it make yo a gangsta, man.

24 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-11 15:52 ID:RFgwcqRy


>the man who will wear pink because he doesnt care what other people think me has courage

Says the boy who came to /love/ acting scared of what his friends would think of him if he started dating a girl.

25 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-11 16:08 ID:Heaven

Forgot your sage. Use it if you don't add any insight to the topic. Even if your comment made me grin.

26 Name: da PG king : 2008-02-11 17:54 ID:8ML792yy

Im worried about losing respect from my friends, but I dont give a fuck about pink, ill wear it.

27 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-11 21:39 ID:Heaven

Are you friends also gay?

28 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-12 05:01 ID:JxpM/gk7

pink is ballin'.
Not baby pink though. Fuck baby pink. HOT PINK OR NOTHING.

29 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-25 12:07 ID:4yXVdZpT

Pink's not gay! It depends who wears it and how 'pink' it is.

30 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-28 12:25 ID:Heaven

What about pink socks? A pink sock on a guy would be pretty gay.

31 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-29 02:51 ID:dgqWZpJT

>Wearing Green on Thursdays

Never heard this before, but google bought up results

>Buckling your belt on the left.

Inever heard of this and can't find any results. what's the left anyway?

32 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-29 09:17 ID:F2bmQ10Z

I buckle my belt in the middle.

33 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-02-29 16:51 ID:yHMAhuuX

I buckle mine from the inside out

34 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-02 07:07 ID:XY+JWDHO

I know a guy with two kids who sometimes wears pink socks.

I think he just grabs his wife's socks when he can't find a matching pair of his own.

35 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-02 12:22 ID:Heaven

Truth is by "pink socks" I meant something slightly different. Google might give you a clue, but perhaps it's healthier not to search for it.

36 Name: mick : 2008-03-05 14:57 ID:zRJh8xYS


37 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-08 18:54 ID:+laz7emv

I wear my pink sock on the outside.

38 Name: Chou : 2008-03-10 23:36 ID:+QA11NZG


I wear my pink socks on my hands

39 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-11 07:52 ID:BEdkbYO4


Insist it's "salmon". Salmon is a man's pink.

40 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-17 10:45 ID:Heaven

Gatling guns are a man's romance.

41 Name: da PG king : 2008-03-18 17:06 ID:OhCp5SeK


42 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-19 10:46 ID:NIGiry6H

I've got an average to athletic figure, but quite a thin neck.
Hoodies are hit-and-miss based on how good quality they are.
I find cheaper ones give my shoulders a lame-ass sloping look and don't accentuate my strong upper body making the rest of me look skinny.
Hoodies with higher neck-lines bring the shoulders up and improve your outline.

43 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-03-21 07:55 ID:Heaven


shut up and put your pink sock on

44 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-04-09 09:47 ID:Heaven


45 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-16 17:43 ID:Hl6wjfx+

DON'T do the japanese tanned-skin blonde hair look....it just makes you look like a prostitute.

46 Name: lulz : 2008-06-20 18:29 ID:DQihEnhT

i think the tanned/blonde jap chiks r hawt.

...on a realistic note, polos/button ups tucked in make one look old, and, in most cases, fat.
only tuck it in for interviews, imho.

47 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-06-30 20:59 ID:7dQLF8Fh

one cannot help it since its their uniform... in some cases like mine

48 Name: Anonymous : 2008-12-03 08:04 ID:IGd2PfWE

Does small plaid print look bad on a little bit on the heavy side people...

49 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2008-12-14 00:36 ID:2FE+Q4Cu

irl is diff to anime.

50 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-07-11 16:59 ID:TmhtADr2

Wrong, if your body is firm and your pants fit properly, there is no muffin.

51 Name: Grammarian : 2009-07-19 06:25 ID:B5WjdvFc

> dos and dont's

52 Name: Anonymous Stylist : 2009-08-15 11:04 ID:Heaven

Grammarians should really stop necro-posting. It gives your kind a bad name.

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