Muffins ^_^ Even an idiot can do it :) (1)

1 Name: Mike 2006-01-26 00:45 ID:hfi3e+bm

When I was studing in Wales I had too much time so one day I thought about making muffins. I have never ever made any cakes or anything like that before. I've succeded first time with it and now I can say that it's so easy that even an idiot can do it ^_^. (BTW. In UK was my first time eating muffins :P I'm from Poland).
So here it goes:

1,5 cup of flour
1 cup of sugar
1,5 table spoon of baking powder
0,5 tea spoon of cinamon and salt
2 eggs
0,5 cup of oil
0,75 cup of milk
2 chocolates (chop them into little pieces)

Now mix all of the wet ingridients together and separately mix all dry ingridients. Now put dry into wet and mix (using a big spoon ^_^) until you'll get a seamless dough. Now spread the butter on your muffin cups (if you won't do it, muffins will stick to the cups)(If you don't have muffin cups you can make them. Use your imagination and available items :P). Fill the cups (up to 2/3 of cup, because you have to leave some space for muffins to grow) with the prepared dough and put into the preheated oven. It's good if the oven is really hot (about "6" on my oven). Now just look carefully when the muffins will start to grow. You have to feel the moment when they'll get brown from the outside and take them out. Thats all. I hope that my english wasn't too bad ><

I have made a birthday-muffin-cake in the Uni for one of my friends :P

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