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1 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-01-31 23:13 ID:DwbnydeL

I'm in need of something for a potluck lunch that's fairly easy to make and not cumbersome to eat in a low seat density area. Dessert is already spoken for. Any ideas?

2 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-01 04:47 ID:VQ15zsv9

What do the people you're cooking for like to eat? What cuisines are popular with them?

Not cumbersome to eat? Hmm, corn on the cob and baby back ribs are out, amirite?

Narrow it down for us, plz, because the possibilities are all but endless.

Stuff I've brought to office potlucks that went over well included BBQ chicken breasts with homemade sauce, venison chili, steak fajitas, chicken chow fun with broccoli and jalapeno peppers, and other things too. I've also made desserts people liked, but you say someone's already doing the dessert thing.

I'm thinking of things simple and fast to cook. Do the people you're cooking for like shellfish? Shrimp scampi served over linguini with alfredo sauce. Do they like East Asian cuisine? Stir fried bell peppers and beef. Spaghetti and marinara sauce is usually a winner, and it's not too hard to make.

Help us help you. You're going to cook for hungry people, but what are they hungry for?

3 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-01 05:25 ID:DwbnydeL

There's no big preference, there's a pretty wide cultural variety in the group.

>Hmm, corn on the cob and baby back ribs are out, amirite?


Let's see, there's not much in the way of reheating facilites so it would have to be something that could still be good cold. Stir fry intrigues me, but I fear my mediocre cooking skills.

4 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-01 06:48 ID:VQ15zsv9

Good cold? That narrows it down a lot. Not even a microwave?

If it's going to be cold anyway, you might want to think of a nice green tossed salad.

Iceberg lettuce, fresh raw spinach, thinly sliced red onions, sliced white button mushrooms, tomato wedges 4tw!

Bring paper plates, plastic forks, and a few kinds of dressing so the guests can have their choice of dressing.

5 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-02 04:59 ID:uq5jgRTI

Hummus is great for a pass-around or an appetizer, etc. Look on for Risa G's Kick-ass Hummus.

6 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-02 09:25 ID:nrTccykv

Sushi's always good.</wapanese>
Otherwise a lot of spring rolls taste just as good cold as warm, and they're filling and easy to eat.

7 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-02 18:03 ID:gh+V6Au5

POTATO SALAD!!!!!! \(^_^)/

8 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-03 01:51 ID:Heaven


Ick. But your emoticon is so cute, I guess it's okay.

9 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-03 02:13 ID:DwbnydeL

Spring rolls sound good. Maybe it would be better to just buy a party platter of those.

10 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-06 08:48 ID:N964PX4E

  1. Buy tortillas and shredded cheddar.
  2. Bake into quesadillas.
  3. ????????
  4. Everyone will be like "Wow!" and "Hey!"

11 Name: Apprentice Chef 2006-02-06 23:28 ID:VQ15zsv9

Step 3 is "PROFIT!" of course.

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