Protein Shakes (6)

1 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-03 02:23 ID:bg3M4iBw

Recently, after quite a while of living off junk food and soda, I have had a desire to try and improve my health. I think that some additional protein may be beneficial, so I've considered adding some protein shakes to my diet. Has anyone else had any experiences with these? Do they really taste similar to how they are labeled (chocolate flavor, vanilla flavor, ect)?

2 Name: Kali : 2006-03-03 05:44 ID:RXvFqUBY

Well... protein shakes are ehhh if you add protein into smoothies it doesn't taste so bad.

3 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-05 14:20 ID:wL4ay7pZ

Since when doesn't junk food contain tons of protein already?

4 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-08 02:12 ID:a0GEoz4F

I was on a weight-lifting kick earlier this year, and was on soy protein. Overall, it wasn't that bad - I bought the EAS brand, chocolate flavor - and as an extra bonus, I mixed it with chocolate soy milk instead of regular. It was thick and tasty, real chocolatey. Of course, they're somewhat high in calories, so I wouldn't recommend it unless you were doing a lot of running/lifting/etc.

5 Name: Kali : 2006-03-08 06:06 ID:RXvFqUBY

Vanillia protein is what we usually use at my work it's not bad easier to mix with fruits and what not but yeah you really do need to work out before thinking of adding it to your diet otheriwise your just adding calories...

6 Name: Anonymous Chef : 2006-03-08 21:11 ID:x/t6QJxe

protein shakes are a cheap way to get protein. im currently weight lifting i mainly drink whey...but i also have egg protein. egg doeenst taste that good and it has a weird texture to it... but vanilla whey is good in milk

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