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1 Name: THRILLHO 04/12/31(Fri)15:29 ID:ogRFNIML [Del]


What's the latest and greatest in doujin games?

(Work-safe only, please.)

2 Name: THRILLHO 04/12/31(Fri)22:26 ID:Heaven [Del]

> doujin games
> Work-safe only

are there usually any?

3 Name: THRILLHO 05/01/01(Sat)05:21 ID:ogRFNIML [Del]

uh yes, there are quite a few

probably the most famous ones on the english speaking internet, though, are the ones by watanabe seisakujo (now known as "france-pan"): queen of heart 98, 99, 2000, melty blood + re-act, etc. This year they released "ragnarok battle offline" though I'm not sure what the details are of that...

4 Name: dmpk2k!hinhT6kz2E 05/01/02(Sun)04:08 ID:nV5475Eu [Del]

Ragnarok Battle Offline has already found its way onto Hongfire's torrents. Apparently it isn't a fighter but more action/RPG. I can't confirm though.

5 Name: THRILLHO 05/01/02(Sun)04:48 ID:vpP7N4Mx [Del]

Personally I'm looking forward to Touhou Suimusou ~Immaterial and Missing Power~ and Sispri Gauntlet.

Sispri Gauntlet...what a game.

6 Name: X68000♪ 05/01/02(Sun)18:11 ID:nkjd0RpK [Del]

Sispri Gauntled sound crazy xD
And Touhou cant be anything else but great :D is there a demo out already? havent seen it ..

7 Name: THRILLHO 05/01/07(Fri)14:17 ID:32mKsBP1

The full game is out. You can get a demo at tasofro's site (

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