Torus Trooper (4)

1 Name: X68000♪ 05/01/02(Sun)18:30 ID:nkjd0RpK [Del]

A new and great Freeware game from Kenta Cho.
Get it from here:

I will post some scores later, want to practise a bit more xD

2 Name: X68000♪ 05/01/03(Mon)19:38 ID:M7h2SC4+ [Del]

Normal: 3.140.420
Hard: 3.467.635

3 Name: THRILLHO 05/01/09(Sun)17:10 ID:Heaven

normal 2325586
extreme 3649770

Trippy stuff indeed.

4 Name: >>3 05/01/23(Sun)21:30 ID:J1KWzZ/x

extreme 5749243 lv.14

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