1 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)16:28 ID:Heaven

2 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)17:10 ID:Heaven

3 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)17:38 ID:Heaven

Here's some of the rules from what I gathered:

The beginning is pretty easy. Click on the arrow-field to select the angle from which the guy will be hit off, and hold until you think it is wise to release to achieve a certain ammount of power.

Every girl has a SPECIAL move. These are triggered in the following ways:

  • The Blue and Yellow girls only do SPECIAL moves when the other one is the next one in line.
  • The Red girl performs her special move if you have sometime before already normally been hit by her.
  • The Green girl (who normally stops you) will perform a very, very powerful SPECIAL move if you have previously been hit by a normal move from another girl AND haven't touched the ground or a guy after that.
  • I haven't figured out the purple one yet. Normally, after you hit her, the next girl will be blocked, not resulting in anything but a bounce. I don't know how to trigger her SPECIAL move nor why the blocks apparently won't work with the guys...

For SPECIAL moves you must immediately click on the SPECIAL that comes up on the screen for it to complete.

Then there's AERIALs. You have three red ones and infinitely blue ones. The latter charge up as long as you are in the screen. Both will result in the girl from the beginning showing up again and give you a little boost, red AERIALs with an upwards angle, blue AERIALs with a downward angle.
Use these to avoid hitting the guys or the green girl without a block or special move or use it to hit a special girl or just to boost up after a special move brings you back into the screen!

Then there's the guys.

  • The brown one will change your angle to upwards or downwards. Not sure which depends on what.
  • The cyan one will slow you down.

4 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)17:44 ID:Heaven

Oh yeah, forgot this about the ANGLEs:

You can only use them when you are in the screen and the blue one only when you are going upwards and the red one only when you are falling down.

5 Name: jwgh 05/02/22(Tue)19:37 ID:00WpBRP0

My record is 4140.25m. Check out this dude though:

6 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)20:12 ID:Heaven

Okay, I know how the Purple girl works now. She will trigger a super SPECIAL move that will get finally triggered for a random girl (in the special boxes on the right, a VS CCF will appear when that girl is in reach). When you hit that random girl with the block still in charge, the SUPER special move gets triggered and it appears to be different for each girl.

  • The Red girl will make you "invincible" for a round, meaning that whenever you hit the Green girl without block or special or whenever you slow to 0 you will get a boost again and keep on moving.
  • The Blue girl will teleport you a long way across the screen without you hitting anyone. I haven't verified this one, though, since it happened to me only once and when I still didn't know how the game works.

7 Name: untiedsneaker 05/02/22(Tue)21:12 ID:Heaven

Hey, that's my high score of 10k whatever, and yeah. I've only gotten the VS CCF with the blue girl. She wraps you in something and then you're carried straight for a countdown from 99. I don't understand it, but I know that it gives you a ton of distance.

8 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)21:19 ID:Heaven

If anyone feels peachy enough to translate the character page for us, that'd be awesome!

9 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)21:33 ID:BcxQwuse

You all fail compared to some Jap who got 52K

10 Name: Mdk 05/02/22(Tue)21:50 ID:PRdkCr4x

I've also seen 2 more special CCF moves,one of em makes you bouncy,so you get a boost everytime you hit the floor and the other one makes every boost 2x,do you get a double boost out of the girls (and their supers)
Which anime is this game based on?if it's based on anything,that is

11 Name: Mdk 05/02/22(Tue)21:51 ID:PRdkCr4x

Oh,and my record's 13389.60 m :P

12 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/22(Tue)23:07 ID:5qRUqtvY


F&C's "Cross Channel" IIRC

13 Name: untiedsneaker 05/02/23(Wed)01:06 ID:Heaven

14 Name: GallagherKnight 05/02/23(Wed)01:07 ID:IkkhNxjr

The irony was... I started out this game as a willful attempt at getting the lowest possible score, but the bouncy guy had other ideas.

15 Name: jwgh 05/02/23(Wed)02:55 ID:00WpBRP0

Curses. It seems to be dead now.

16 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)03:47 ID:5qRUqtvY

Did anyone mirror?

17 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)03:59 ID:cAqX2l89

On 4chan, probably being bumped off soon.

18 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)04:40 ID:5qRUqtvY

19 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)04:40 ID:5qRUqtvY

20 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)04:41 ID:5qRUqtvY


21 Name: jwgh 05/02/23(Wed)06:03 ID:00WpBRP0

Awesome, thanks! I finally got one of the super powerups (but my high score is still 4140.25m).

22 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)09:36 ID:Heaven

Anyone know what got changed for version 105?

23 Name: Mdk 05/02/23(Wed)10:12 ID:PRdkCr4x

This needs cookie-saving of the record

24 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)11:10 ID:Heaven

> one makes every boost 2x,do you get a double boost out of the girls (and their supers)

That's the Green girl's CCF SPECIAL. It wears off after some time, but it's pretty damn powerful.

25 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)11:21 ID:Heaven

Also, both the Green and the Red CCF SPECIAL seem to wear off after a while. At least with the latter it seems there is some kind of CHARGE for every BOOST you get when you are in some CCF mode.

26 Name: Mdk 05/02/23(Wed)11:23 ID:PRdkCr4x

IT is,if you don't waste it by bouncing on the floor..that's what you want to do with the other powerup instead :)

27 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)13:20 ID:oL3Yt9+S

28 Name: Mdk 05/02/23(Wed)14:09 ID:PRdkCr4x

> F&C's "Cross Channel" IIRC

And what's that?

29 Name: Davidy 05/02/23(Wed)14:56 ID:gSdYVrSZ

Is this from some anime series? This game is teh cr@ck

30 Name: stephy 05/02/23(Wed)15:50 ID:Heaven

only one thing i dont like about it is that you have to drag your mouse everywhere... lol david teh cr@ck

31 Name: Mdk 05/02/23(Wed)15:54 ID:OFGSGgIf

Drag the mouse?the only thing i DON'T like is that it counts the mouseclick no matter where i click...even if it's outside the game screen (which makes multitasking a problem..whenever i click back to that window i use an aerial)

32 Name: Mdk 05/02/23(Wed)16:22 ID:OFGSGgIf

BTw,the angle change guy seems to change it according to the previous angle you were flying at: if you hit him while traveling at more that 45° you'll get an angle down and vice versa

33 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/23(Wed)18:01 ID:qtJueVLh

> And what's that?

Some sort of bishoujo game.

34 Name: Mdk 05/02/23(Wed)19:42 ID:OFGSGgIf

My sources say it's an Hgame..

35 Name: !WAHa.06x36 05/02/23(Wed)21:46 ID:+opGRy2d

Finally I got a halfway decent score.

36 Name: !WAHa.06x36 05/02/23(Wed)21:49 ID:+opGRy2d

Gah, 100webspace are blocking image linking now.

37 Name: TheBigN 05/02/24(Thu)00:11 ID:19Q1hs5e

Here's my best. It took a while though, and a lot of it was luck.

38 Name: TheBigN 05/02/24(Thu)00:13 ID:19Q1hs5e

39 Name: jwgh 05/02/24(Thu)04:30 ID:fGtqRIMS

Well, I finally broke my old record and got 7679.52 -- not that that's very impressive compared with the other scores people are getting!

40 Name: Mdk 05/02/24(Thu)10:47 ID:Wk7+Rbgg world records?

41 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/24(Thu)13:45 ID:Heaven

42 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/24(Thu)19:08 ID:ciAWT5Cq


Look at the spacing between the first 4 digits. Also best record starts with 14, not 13. It's obvious the 139 was pasted from the end :P

43 Name: Mdk 05/02/24(Thu)19:18 ID:2B463rCg

The best record could be a 13xxx though,look at where the ending segment of the 3 is..but the spacing is kinda weird,yes
The angle would make it hard to photoshop it,though

44 Name: rone 05/02/24(Thu)21:20 ID:Heaven

There's also a yellow and green special that the Purple girl gives you, the former boosts you every time you hit the ground, the latter... i forget already.

45 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/25(Fri)00:41 ID:ciAWT5Cq

If you look at the top right corner, you can see the the bit sticking out belongs to a 4.

Green special gives you double boost, I think?

46 Name: Lambert 05/02/26(Sat)23:10 ID:Heaven

47 Name: THRILLHO 05/02/28(Mon)07:30 ID:+VMLqKGr

Kudos for endgame due to terminal loss of velocity. Viva la difference!

48 Name: THRILLHO 2005-02-28 22:04 ID:Heaven

49 Name: Alfarin 2005-03-01 02:17 ID:Heaven

Here's my strats list...

  • The red girl will punch you forward without angle change.
  • The blue girl will kick you out (I think at 45 degrees angle)
  • The yellow girl will punch you up (I think at around 60 degrees angle)


  • The Red girl will 'summon' a blade, slice you up (three boosts) and shoot you out. You can get this by bounce on her once, then without touching any other girls (you can touch guys, she doesn't care) and bounce on her again. Don't forget to click when it says special...
  • The Blue girl will kick you, throw you to the yellow girl, let her punch you, and then she'll kick you again (three boosts). You can get this when the blue girl is placed right before the yellow girl.
  • The Yellow girl will use her butt to bump you to the blue girl, let her kick you, and then she'll punch you again (three boosts). You can get this when the yellow girl is placed right before the blue girl.
  • The Green girl will give the most powerful special. First, the red girl will rush by and punch you, then the blue girl will rush by and kick you, then the yellow girl will punch you really high, then the blue girl will finally slap you forward (four boosts). According to the game, it says you can only get this when you enter impact towards her at 45 degrees angle, but that's a lie... You can get this whenever you enter at 45 degrees angle, AND you can get this if you do not touch ground after you get boosted by any of the girls. And in response to the early poster who said you can't touch guy, well, you can... Its just the ground that screws you over... As long as your impact doesn't go to the ground, you'll still be able to get the green girl's special.
  • The purple girl does not have a special, but she enables Block VS CFF (see below).

Block VS CFF (Comic Force Field)
I only know you can trigger the Block VS CFF after you hit the purple girl... no idea how it is triggered (or what makes the VS CFF part appear)... But here's all the Block VS CFF I know...

  • The Red girl will give you an explosive force field (Red colored body). This will allow you to have a boost when you come to an end or try to hug the green girl. Essentially, it allows you to live longer.
  • The Blue girl will give you a boost force field (Blue colored body) the game called 'parachut' or something... You'll fly a real long distance (99 count down as many have mentioned).
  • The Yellow girl will give you a bouncy force field (Yellow colored). You will bounce (and get a boost) each time you hit the ground... I think the life span of the bounce force field is like 3 or 4 bounces.
  • The Green girl (yes, she gives special too) will give you a double impact force field (Green colored). You will get double the boost impact for the next three or four boosts. Hint: try to get the green girl's special with this... It'll be uber.


  • When you get double impact, try to get the green girl... you'll fly like there's no tomorrow.
  • When you have a good speed and height (IE: 200m above the ground), as you come down, click areial boost (red), then immediately click areial boost (blue), then immediately click areial boost (red) again. Then you can get around 150% of your original height and gain tons of speed.
  • If you want a cheap trick to get through the first 1000 meters real quick, aim at 10 or lower degrees angle, fire at 85% or higher. You will fly straight into the first person and get a big boost if its a girl (if its a guy or the green girl restart right away).
  • You'll only gain blue areial boost percentages when you're in the screen (well, actually, around 75% of the screen in the furthest zoomed out view). So unless you have mad forward speed, don't try to fly high... fly high doesn't get you far unless you have speed anyways.

That's about all for now... my highest, unfortunetly, have only been around 9K, so its not worth while to post anything. If I get anything higher, I'll be sure to post back.

PS: hope the link thing works properly :X

50 Name: THRILLHO 2005-03-02 22:31 ID:jz8DRQRo

このページにアクセスできません。(403 Forbidden)


51 Name: THRILLHO 2005-03-03 00:29 ID:YPMW5Kdk


read the entire thread

52 Name: THRILLHO 2005-03-14 13:38 ID:Heaven

53 Name: Serial ATA 2005-03-17 02:55 ID:d+ze1ABl

Well, sorry for posting desktop as well, but that's my score.

54 Name: jeff 2005-04-24 02:52 ID:flNyjFSN

interesting you guys havent figured out what triggers CFF. Its every 10 characters.

55 Name: THRILLHO 2005-04-24 10:42 ID:ig7S0XEu


Yes, after the inital one which is random. It was mentioned in the thread over at /v/.

57 Post deleted by moderator.

58 Post deleted by moderator.

59 Post deleted by moderator.

60 Post deleted by moderator.

61 Post deleted by moderator.

62 Post deleted by moderator.

63 Post deleted by moderator.

64 Post deleted by moderator.

65 Post deleted by moderator.

66 Name: El grande : 2007-09-05 01:21 ID:qPXgTLsk

Its too hard but funny game, my score 968.09Meters...
"how is possible fly 1KM hit by a bike and several punches by little girls, thats funny"

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