Free trials for online games (4)

1 Name: THRILLHO 2005-05-05 22:09 ID:Heaven

Here's a 14-day trial for Eve online:

2 Name: Anonymous!!jHlguvSq (Admin) 2005-05-06 12:54 ID:Heaven

Was there a point to this or are you just trying to get some free advertising?

3 Name: THRILLHO 2005-05-06 18:59 ID:+3ImJ7PW

You don't get a free trial of EVE every day.

4 Name: THRILLHO 2005-05-07 00:28 ID:y5tWNuXo

Nothing wrong with it, IMHO. Some people might be interested. Heck, I might be, if I wasn't on a modem. Ahem.

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