Electroplankton: Buy or no buy? (3)

1 Name: MJP!UyIEvIA9Mg 2006-01-12 01:50 ID:laU20PTt

Should I buy Electroplankton?

I think the idea of "games as art" has merit, but I only play my DS during the weekends and occasionally to take care of my Nintendogs. It looks like fun, but unless there's a way to save it, am I better off just waiting until someone else I know buys it and I can make with the borrow?

FYI, I think that Rez was probably one of the best game experiences evar, but it wore off after forty-five minutes of playing or so.

2 Name: THRILLHO 2006-01-12 01:59 ID:aq63eegW

EGM said it was boring because there is no way to win or save your owrk.

3 Name: bonsai : 2006-03-03 03:06 ID:WD1SoED4

My girlfriend bought this about a month ago and it is quite interesting.. but like most music games with no point, you usually give it up after awhile.

If there was a way to save your creations, I'd easily tell you to get it.. other than that, no don't bother.

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