Shantae (3)

1 Name: Japaneez : 2006-09-18 17:18 ID:Heaven

"Shantae" is unreleased in Japan.
please talk what is Good(or Bad) about "Shantae"!!

2 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-02 20:44 ID:CJt1Nn1c

Shantae is a very enjoyable game.

Very similar to Metroid, Zelda II, or even Castlevania/Dracula X.


  • Good graphics/animation/music
  • Interesting puzzles
  • Funny story
  • DDR style mini-game
  • A very big game world


  • Shantae is very weak at the game start!
  • Shantae's normal attack isn't long enough
  • only 4 dungeons

3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2009-04-02 20:45 ID:EVInUMGq

I hope OP actually got to play Shantae.

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