My DDR Dilemma. (30)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-29 22:43 ID:HMtja1tJ

So last night I was at a party, and we were playing DDR on my friends XBox. It was lots of fun, and seemed like good excercise. I have a PS2, but the thing is, it's not really mine, it's my brothers. My brother will probably be moving out in the spring and he'll be taking the PS2 with him.

So should I still buy it(or ask for it for christmas) for PS2 and enjoy while I can, then go visit him to play it.

Or should I wait till I buy a Wii(which will be in the spring or summer at the earliest). And hope that a version of DDR comes out on Wii.
I know there is a version of DDR on Gamecube that I could play on Wii, but I dont like the fact that its all Mario music and not real music, which is half of the fun.

2 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-30 03:36 ID:Heaven

Get either a PS2 or an Xbox for yourself once your brother's gone and play it. That's what I ended up doing. :/

3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-10-30 05:17 ID:o1Vlz6If

>>1 If you don't enjoy watching Bowser breakdance there's something wrong with you.

4 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-11-02 03:51 ID:9VNk1r0l

Buy it now. PS2 should plummet in price soon. I imagine that by the time your brother moves out you'll be able to purchase a PS2 pretty cheap. Birthday in spring perhaps?

5 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-11-02 17:08 ID:Heaven

>its all Mario music and not real music

cracks knuckles

6 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-11-02 22:28 ID:zp0t0uqi

>>5 I know I know, I'm sorry. It's still lots of fun though.

7 Name: Yugge : 2006-11-08 03:43 ID:QgFAvWeE

You also have the choice of playing stepmania ( and buy a dancepad to that. There are both dancepads to ps2 and usb nowadays.

Otherwise, you could always get the game and dancepad for ps2 now, and if your brother goes away with the ps2. You'll have the choice of buying a ps2->usb converter. Or getting an ps2.

8 Name: Ranting Kitsune!3GqYIJ3Obs : 2006-11-16 20:45 ID:OrMOv4+Y

Isn't there a dancepad that pugs into the controller port now?

9 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-12-04 15:57 ID:1fWvusch

Dont buy DDR, get Stepmania and dance mat

platform is computer and its free :)

10 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-12-12 09:57 ID:kP5HfWut

agreed, although it's quite hard to find songs with the original steps. but the advantage is that there are steps for alot of songs

11 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2006-12-20 03:32 ID:7mPG8Voc


No, it's not. You can easily find packs of actual DDR music (original steps intact) with a little Googling.

12 Name: Pierre / Oily Skin : 2006-12-27 13:01 ID:yPJBpJKU

Buy a PS3 dude.

13 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-02 23:15 ID:IvFVj3ld

Play IIDX instead dude.

14 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-04 02:09 ID:Heaven

The worst thing about Mario Mix is that only the Mario Mix pads work right with it (as far as I know). Third party pads go crazy when you try to use them with it.

15 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-04 03:53 ID:6jN1IzfM

why do the third party GC pads exist if not for that game? just for the novelty of trying to play zelda with a dancemat?

16 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-04 05:22 ID:gW7HlBHt

>>15 There is actually, I know someone who has DDR for Xbox, and their dancemat has ports for ps2, xbox and gamecube. There is also a ddr game you can buy for gamecube I think, other than the mario one.

17 Name: 14 : 2007-01-04 21:42 ID:f88/cte2

>>15 I don't recall any dancepads other than the Mario Mix pad that are made specifically for the Gamecube. The third party pads I was referring to are the pads that are compatible with multiple consoles.

My old roommate had mario mix and we wanted to play with two people so we went to get another pad. There was a used Mario Mix pad for like $9 but since I was buying it I decided to get a new one that works on multiple consoles so I would still have use for it after I moved out. The game store happened to have a Mad Cats pad for $30. It had a hard foam bottom like those $80 pads! So I got it. When we got home we tried it on Mario Mix and the arrow would go crazy, like if you stepped on the arrow once it acted like you were stepping on it really rapidly, making it impossible to use unless you were playing a really slow and easy song. So we took that pad back, figuring it was defective, and got a $20 GameStop pad. When we tried it, the same thing happened! Then we tried the pad on the PS2. It worked perfectly!

So long story short I could have had a hard dance mat if only I'd tried it on the PS2 before taking it back :(

18 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-06 08:41 ID:WxGCgp9U


Yeah, get Stepmania. :3

you can download the songs you want and all~

19 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-21 19:09 ID:74BMqqSP

is there an effective, but not costly means of setting up stepmania with pads? I bought a usb to ps2 controller converter and used my pads that I use for ps didders, but I found it had a bit of lag or unsync to it.

20 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-22 03:18 ID:Heaven

try to figure out how much exactly it lags and adjust stepmania's global offset accordingly

in stepmania\data\stepmania.ini find the GlobalOffsetSeconds=0.000000 line and change it to whatever

if you need to find a value, try finding a stepfile that you know to be onsync, then set it to auto adjust and play it on the pad. auto adjust is used when making a DWI/SM file to find the gap (millisecond offset for the song), and basically takes your input and changes the gap so your input is perfect. this is a pretty bad description, though. you can probably find a tutorial or a help file or something on about fixing pad lag.

21 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-22 03:20 ID:Heaven

>>20 here
before you bother with syncing it and everything, make sure the usb connector even works well. i bought one from radioshack, and it won't register up+down or left+right, making it useless for ddr. i ended up buying a red octane afterburner with usb plugs, xbox plugs and ps2 plugs built in ($200 bucks, really nice pad, i recommend buying either it or a Cobalt Flux pad if you think you'll be playing ddr for a while. they're more sensitive than any arcade pad i've played on, and they feel about the same if you wear shoes.)

22 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-01-23 01:51 ID:n052T2c9

I wish I could even try using a cobalt flux, but my wallet won't allow it.

23 Name: 何で男 : 2007-02-06 21:08 ID:lPzrqzJL

why not just play it at an arcade? that way when you get good you can lurk by the machine and challenge random players.

24 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-02-07 00:58 ID:n052T2c9

Arcade machines are the best, but they are not always easily available to everyone. My campus has several good machines, but back home, the closest machine is like 30 mins away, and the pads are pretty rundown, it cost a lot, and they set the settings pretty harsh.

25 Name: KZO : 2007-02-07 18:15 ID:I1xwpDRe

Yeah I would play it at the arcade because I get free games from the people who work there once in a while, and I also order tokens off eBay to play other games like Wangan, Initial D, Outrun2, and others.

26 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-02-08 03:47 ID:n052T2c9

lol ordering tokens off ebay. Initial d ftw, although I've become really good at outrun2.

27 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-02-08 03:47 ID:n052T2c9

lol ordering tokens off ebay. Initial d ftw, although I've become really good at outrun2.

28 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-02-09 00:10 ID:Hyz3rcJ8

nobody really challenges people

29 Name: x3kittyx3 : 2007-02-10 20:14 ID:ekb/PQoB

if you just want something you can play a couple ddr games on then i say try and find a ps1. you can play the first few on there. those are really cheap right now. the best thing i think is to save a little and buy a ps2. getting a ps3 won't be worth it for just that.

30 Name: Shippo : 2007-03-03 05:22 ID:zZpB4ska

I would have to say... PS2 is the way to go, if you want to do consle... If you have the ability try computer before the PS2 though, its got alot more songs and you dont have to pay for stepmania (stepmania is so much better then DDR now a days too). If you cant get either of those or even if you do try to find an arcade, thats the best in my opinion, if its expensive, tell the arcade owner they'll get ALOT more business if they lower it a token or if they let two people play for the price of one. 2 or 3 tokens for me to play double or with a friend at the Atlantus!

O.o;; ordering tokens off Ebay is kinda odd... but I guess it could be smart... I play at the Atlantus in Reno, and I love the arcade settings ^-^'' im one of the best double players out there (or atleast at the Atlantus) and I would have to say either pitch in the money or go to an arcade if you are really serious about this game. StepMania is a GREAT way to do some 'free' practice if you ghost the songs (Play it off the dance pad and dont really get rated, its usefull to learn how to Free Style or get better at the game)

The best thing about the arcade is you make new friends!

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