Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne Battlenet! (9)

1 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-09-15 20:29 ID:WeBGfiXX

Is there a trick to play it on the Battlenet without an original key?

There must be some tricks.

2 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-09-16 11:25 ID:6fB+jGkm

It's like 10 bucks now, just go and buy it. (And no, you can not play on battle.net without a valid key.)

3 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-09-17 06:30 ID:U2c4kb1m

No, there's no "tricks". If you want to play it so bad, go mow a few lawns and earn it.

4 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-09-17 10:26 ID:NamM4S/m

Hm seems there is no other way :(

to add some infos: I got the original!! I could contact Blizzard, but then i also need to pay.......

Well i also can play WC3 RoC on Bnet without the expansion........however it is pretty imabalanced.

5 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-06 23:16 ID:WLHqtAgL

of course there are tricks man i have played in bnet with no original key many times but it really doesn't worth the fuss.

I bought the game and i am fine now

6 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-07 17:31 ID:Heaven

> play it on the Battlenet

Why would you want to punish yourself by associating with Blizzard's fan base or Ritalin kids?

7 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-16 11:21 ID:TvFvq+Vg

Cause if you actually turn off the chat it's quite enjoyable.

8 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-18 00:45 ID:2+FIMe1m

I play Warcraft FT Online every once an a while and speaking of battle.net I miss my Starcraft. ~_~ Also i got a friend who still play Diablo2 Online. 0_o 69 Paladin I believe.

9 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-11-02 11:35 ID:UEMZnlEx

i got bored playing warcraft already... played dota as well, but got bored in the end...

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