The Wii - Is the shine wearing off? (50)

4 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-09-23 19:24 ID:P6BTvEt5


honestly, I'm not all that surprised. I think they'd have been better served to go with a touch-screen controller -- one that could have game-defined button placements for everything the player has to do.

If you're flying a plane, the buttons could be arranged to look like an aircraft cockpit. If you're playing SSBM, the buttons would say things like punch, high punch, kick, block, special, etc. Or if you're playing FFCC, just have the player touch the word "attack" on his controller. You could change things up even during the game -- if a part of the game required a special skill set, just change the button setup to match what the player is doing.


They have Brain Age for the Wii.

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