Favorite SNES RPGs? (59)

15 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-06 23:28 ID:B1zvccE9


>>Zelda games don't even allow choice, and Link is almost devoid of character. It would be most accurate to refer to the series as "Adventure" games.

I completely disagree. If you say that they don't allow choice then you obviously haven't played zelda games enough. There are many times in the game where you have to choose.

I agree that Link's character is kinda devoid. But that's because nintendo never reveals much about his character and anyway thats the way those series are like. But you can't say it's not an rpg because it's doesn't follow the classic D&D stuff. Don't forget Zelda is an asian game and such games don't follow the D&D rules like character development and stuff.

I don't think Zelda is purely and adventure or purely and rpg or purely an action/RPG. That's why I said it is unique. It's Zelda, fullstop. Personally I believe it is a RPG with action elements.

>>12 Kingdom hearts in SNES O.o?

>>10 Tales of Phantasia is the actual title. Symphonia is for GameCube. And yes it rocks

Hmm guys we talk about SNES here

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