Shoujo ai in games (37)

18 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-09 16:18 ID:Heaven

You worded it poorly, then. "They don't have to actually be a couple", as well as giving such an example, suggests to me that you might easily have no real respect for or meaningful interest in the characters. Read my response to >>17 below.


> How does something being cannon make it more related to video games than if it's fannon?

Because it actually draws upon some knowledge of the game. I don't hate fanon, but it's often difficult to distinguish from pure bullshit.

I mean, I can go pair Yuna and Payne from FFX-2 in a similar manner to the OP, and I haven't even played FFX-2. Thus, the fact that they are game characters are irrelevant: for all you know, I did nothing more than google image search the two and decide they are hot and would be even hotter if they got jiggy with it together. I could care less about their characters or personalities- it's just mental masturbation.

At least if I start thinking of ways to rationalize the characters' spurious sapphism within the game's story and their own personalities (...which, in the case of FFX-2 characters, I have received the impression is not all that difficult) then I'm dealing with them as marginally more then sex objects, and their game of origin as more than packaging for some hot digital babes.

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