Shoujo ai in games (37)

23 Name: Anonymous Gamer : 2007-10-12 21:09 ID:zidAUNml

>>3) With exceptions to the languages and japanese boards, English is only to be used.
Do I speak japanese? No, I just used a japanese term that you have a really hard time understanding. I will make my last effort to explain.

Shoujo ai is not about fapping to lesbians. It's about romance. When a girl admires another as a friend, does that make her a lesbian? No. I use the term shoujo ai to describe that. People familiar with the term will know exactly what I mean. I know you can't. But because you can't understand the term that doesn't mean I don't have to use it. It's really hard to describe with words.

Shoujo ai can also mean a love that a girl expresses to another girl. This time getting more intimate. Nevertheless, It's mostly about romance, and not the sex part.

The word you are looking for about fapping to lesbian sex is Yuri. (i won't bother explaining it, google it)

Alright so the reason I pair Tifa and Aeris is because during the game, Cloud didn't give too much attention to either Tifa or Aeris. We saw some cut scenes but that's all. So I just make this alternate universe where Tifa finds support in Aeris' hug.

I know I made the mistake to post that pic with the word lesbian and it confused everyone.

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